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Narayan Jewellers Provids a structured module educates staff, boosts efficiency




Planned training is the most important responsibility of jewellers today. That is the only way to measure the growth of staff. As an organization, Baroda-based Narayan Jewellers believes that an organization grows when its employees do. Thus, the brand has created a knowledge base to guide staff towards deeper understanding of products, customer service, retail ambience and technology.

Speaking about the training module, Ketan Choksi, jewellery designer and MD, Narayan Jewellers, said that the main goal is to have a healthy and competitive retail ambience. “The module trains on product knowledge, personal hygiene, self-conduct, customer relationship and inventory management. Our objective is to train the staff adequately for him/her to have complete knowledge of what they are selling and the best practices to manage the end-consumer,” he added.

The brand has the strength of more than 80 employees. Most of the training sessions are done inside the showroom, while a few sessions needing external expertise are done at different locations. Often, the employees from the senior management areasked to pursue external courses to improve knowledge. “We try to make a positive difference in how an organization operates and create uniformity to ensure the right retail ambience. A skilled staff is a necessity to ensure the best sales results,” Choksi said.

Industry experts train the workforce on each retail attribute. Enhancing performance, productivity, skills, and knowledge, the module is usually a low-cost endeavour and has a flexible schedule.The training sessions last for two weeks for a new joinee, followed by sessions every quarter to upgrade the senior staff.

Over time, the brand has experienced higher productivity and better performance as the staff grow comfortable with adaptation of new technology, ultimately improving sales.“Every employee has a KPI and targets. The jeweller evaluates the employee’s performance and spots areas for improvement. Accordingly, training sessions are conducted and a comparison in performance before and after training is also done,” said Choksi, adding that this comparative analysis has been fruitful to spot modifications required in the session, thus making the module flexible and updated.


Courtesy: Retail Jeweller India News

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