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Kalamandir Jewellers onboards actor Shruti Haasan as new brand ambassador 




The brand also took the opportunity to launch their lab-grown diamond jewellery collection titled ‘Rishta Diamonds’ with Haasan as the new face of Rishta Diamonds 

Mumbai: Kalamandir Jewellers added another milestone to their achievement by formally announcing actress Shruti Haasan as their new brand ambassador. The announcement was made by Milan Shah, Director of Kalamandir Jewellers.

“Shruti’s unique style and inspiring work have captivated hearts worldwide, and we are proud to associate with such a dynamic and influential personality. Her passion for creativity and excellence resonates with our brand’s commitment to providing exquisite jewellery,” said Milan Shah. Haasan became the face of the brand on May 1, 2024. 

The brand also took the opportunity to launch their Rishta Diamonds collection, which is entirely a lab-grown diamond jewellery collection. Haasan was spotted wearing the collection online.  

When asked about the positioning of the brand and aims to capture new markets, Shah said that Kalamandir Jewellers’ jewellery ranges, from traditional to modern, sync with the on-screen personality and diversity of Haasan as an artist. Aligning with Haasan’s target audience, the brand is now targeting the age bracket of 24-40 years across India. The brand is going forward with lab-grown diamond jewellery for Haasan’s current looks and will later explore natural diamond jewellery, traditional gold jewellery, and the entire vertical of bridal ranges as well.  


“We are currently available in Western and Central India. However, about 30-35% of jewellery sale happens in South India. With Haasan on board, we will strategise our expansion plan in the South Indian market. We are also making our move to Mumbai with a one-of-a-kind retail showroom,” maintained Milan Shah. 

Previously, Haasan expressed her natural fondness towards temple and gold jewellery during the Indian Jewellery Shopping Festival 2023 in Hyderabad last November. “I’m fond of traditional temple jewellery, diamonds, and white gold because it resembles silver while having a distinctive appeal,” she was quoted at the event.

Celebrating the launch of Rishta, Kalamandir Jewellers uploaded an ad film featuring popular faces of Indian cinema and Haasan. The video shows Haasan and her parents being showcased the latest Rishta diamond jewellery collection. Upon spotting the fact that Rishta is a lab-grown diamond sub-brand, Haasan’s on-screen parents raise concerns about the valuation, pricing, buyback policies and the general legitimacy of lab-grown diamond jewellery.

The staff is then seen educating the customers about the differences between mined and lab-grown diamonds, certification, affordability and identical scientific nature, which prompts Haasan to call it an eco-friendly, green diamond range. Summing up the diversification of the diamond jewellery scene in the retail sector, the reel has gone viral with 429K views and counting after it was released on Instagram on May 4.

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