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Indians Favouring Yellow, Pink & Blue Fancy Colour Diamonds



Darshit Hirani of P. Hirani Exports helps us explore the world of fancy colour diamonds and their popularity in India based on their hues.

Tell us a little about your company. When did you start your brand?

Ours is a family-run business and we are one of the leading fancy colour diamond and jewellery manufacturers. For more than 40 years, P. Hirani has provided exquisite natural colour diamonds and fine jewellery pieces to diamond connoisseurs, designers and retailers around the world. Experience and knowledge are translated into bringing out the full potential of diamonds in creating unique, one-of-a-kind investment and couture jewellery pieces that stand the test of time, trends and market forces. Our collection encompasses all different colours of diamonds, including yellow, pink, blue, green and orange.

What type of diamond fancy colours are prevalent now? In terms of pricing, which fancy colours are affordable and which are expensive.

Colour diamonds that are prevalent currently are yellow, pink, blue, brown, green and orange. In India, yellow, pink and blue are the most prevalent colours. Yellow diamonds are quite affordable and are an attractive proposition for a larger audience. Followed by a niche customer base, who are always looking for one-of-a-kind yellow diamond jewellery, and the rarest of rare pink and blue diamonds. Pink and Blue diamonds have a much higher price bracket, but they are the best investment grade diamonds one can buy.

Has the consumer awareness grown about fancy colour diamonds in India?

Yes indeed, it has. Big brands have been investing heavily into fancy colour diamonds and they have been marketing them strongly through social media, which as certainly helped raised awareness. Moreover, celebrities and high-profile individuals have shown a lot of interest in them thus boosting the demand for the same. It’s a product which is unique, rare and exquisite, something which a jewellery connoisseur gets attracted to as their next purchase.

Since when have you been participating in IIJS? How has it helped your company grow?

IIJS is the strongest platform for us and we have been exhibiting for the past 9 years. IIJS is a show where we have maximum exposure from customers from all corners of India and it is a perfect place for all to explore and experience the world of fancy colour diamonds, as per the requirements of their business.

What are you presenting at the show currently? We would like some details about the collections.

We are showcasing some exquisite collections in the daily wear and bridal jewellery segments as well as rare to find masterpieces. Moreover, we are also launching an extensive collection of pink, blue, orange and green diamonds jewellery.

What is the USP of the company and your design philosophy?

P. Hirani has been one of the leading specialists in fancy colour diamonds for more than 10 decades. Dealing only in colour diamonds has helped us gain deep experience and vast knowledge which is applied to fulfil customers’ need and bring to them one-of-a-kind jewellery pieces.

Which are your predominant markets domestically and globally?

China, Middle East, South East Asia, Europe and America are our prime markets. In India, North, West and South are the best performing markets. In India, primarily the Tier 1 cities have more awareness, but recently Tier 2 cities have shown great interest, which is mainly driven by NRIs and weddings.

What are your expansion plans?

We believe that we have little penetration as of today in the domestic market. So, our goal is to push through to broaden our base in Tier 1, 2 cities. Moreover, one-off pieces are of growing interest and a focus point going forward, especially pink and blue diamonds.

Anything else you wish to add.

One thing we understood from our retailers is that customers are experienced buyers and have a very strong sense of design and preference. Showcasing a wide range of collection across various price ranges is important to help customers decide their buying decisions, and hence a need for a strong partner to assist in the same.

Courtesy: GJEPC

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