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IGI Hosted Educational Seminar About Diamonds & Fine Diamond Jewellery in Mumbai



In its continual efforts to educate the end consumers about diamonds and fine diamond jewellery, IGI conducted a Know Your Diamond Jewellery seminar for the esteemed clients of Shiv Shubham Jewellers in Mumbai. The comprehensive seminar takes the participant through the history of diamonds from the mines to the market and the evaluation of a stone on the basis of the 4C’s – carat weight, colour, clarity and cut.

Known for its comprehensive approach at spreading awareness among diamond fanatics, the session was successful at enlightening customers about the various aspects that enhance the beauty of a diamond and factors that help in determining its price. The participants were made aware of the grading and certification processes in diamond jewellery and the importance of having a certification authority authenticate the jewellery.

They were given a detailed account of the certification process conducted at the IGI laboratories worldwide and the credibility and confidence that an IGI report adds to the diamond. Across the globe, the International Gemological Institute, IGI, holds the supreme position in the gemological world. With a highly competent research wing and state of the art laboratories across the globe, IGI is indeed the world’s most trusted name in diamond, gemstone and diamond jewellery identification and grading.

Story & Image Courtesy: Diamond World

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