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IEG: Vicenzaoro September 2018




The factors that influence new consumers in the latest TRENDBOOK 2020+

Vicenza, 22nd– 26th September 2018 – TrendBook 2020+ is the publication compiled by VICENZAORO’s independent research centre – TRENDVISION Jewellery + Forecasting – powered by Italian Exhibition Group that provides a look on the trends that will be influencing the jewellery industry, consumer attitudes and international luxury market developments over the next 18 months.

An indispensable guide to understanding how the tastes and buying behaviours of new consumers in the gold and jewellery world are changing, Trendbook 2020+ will be presented on Sunday, 23rd September at 10 am in Hall 6 – VO Square at VICENZAORO September 2018, the International Jewellery Show organized by Italian Exhibition Group (IEG) in the Vicenza Exhibition Centre, which confirms its role as a crucial event, especially in terms of selecting products to display in the Christmas windows.

Subdivided into themed areas (jewellery, watches and diamonds), TrendBook 2020+ does not just describe consumption evolutions on the luxury market, it also keeps a watchful eye on the emerging factors that will condition the evolution of society by reflecting on buying habits.

“We are currently going through a period of considerable change and rule-breaking,” explains Paola De Luca, founder and Creative Director of Trendvision Jewellery + Forecasting.

The 1920s, the “Roaring Twenties”, “The Golden Years”, “Les Années Folles” resound in the disruptive force of digital that is revolutionizing the rules of production, distribution and communication, in the revival of an emotional dimension that almost re-balances the dominion of technology, in the pride of having an identity that is re-awakening several segments of the population, in quotations from the past and the current new wave of feminism.

“The standards of beauty are no longer the same,” De Luca points out. “Uniqueness lies in imperfection, enhanced by pride in one’s own diversity, whether ethnic, physical or cultural. Therefore, a mature beauty, no longer linked to age but more to a lifestyle, tastes and personal values, now has a place in the consumption system and is being proudly expressed.”

Brands are responding to this trend by creating collections with items that, rather than being coordinated and matching, can be combined according to individual taste in a mix & match that breaks the rules of style and leaves the consumer totally free to express his/her own identity. For example, by wearing earrings sold singularly that go with a toe-ring.

Where everything tends to be globalized, the search for roots is starting to re-emerge. “One of the most interesting phenomena,” continues De Luca, “is the re-interpretation of items like the tiara, a historical trend that has always been as strong and reassuring as the past it draws upon, nurtured by news reports on the comeback of royal families, and one that satisfies the fairytale desire to escape reality.”

The Millennials themselves are changing purchasing priorities: the perception of luxury is associated to life experiences, emotions, not to owning an object.

Asia, on the other hand, is producing designers and photographers able to look at their past with a futurist eye who are becoming the mouthpieces of a cultural revolution that breaks with the past.

And that is no small thing in an age where the world speaks through aesthetic codes and semiotic elements and photography is the global language.

Therefore, in a global context where we are re-writing the rules, there are five megatrends on which to keep an eye in order to find the right direction and understand consumer evolution in the jewellery world:

  • SOFT POWER: pride in standing out.
  • SYBILLE: spirituality, mysticism, irrationality. Innovation passes through the wisdom of nature and an awareness of ancient know-how.
  • RURAL VISIONNAIRE – Nature Odyssey. Importance given to meaning and origins. Organic and sustainable, great attention to sustainability.
  • BABEL – The phygital. This consumer has an extremely open mind and is convinced that everything can be re-thought and re-defined. He/she lives in the name of simplicity and minimalism, preferring a highly casual and functional style in order to be exactly what he/she wants.
  • ANOTHER MAN – The disruptive. A “good” individualism emerges, one that pays more attention to shape and essence rather than appearance. Inspiration comes from the aesthetics of purity and celebrates authenticity and uniqueness. Considered as one of the most important consumer groups over the next 5 years, it consists of men with an open mind who are not afraid of showing their own emotions.

VICENZAORO September 2018 thus confirms its role as an indispensable reference point for research and development into the trends that will be characterizing global gold and jewellery.


Italian Exhibition Group (IEG), with structures in Rimini and Vicenza, is leader in Italy for organized trade fairs and among the main European operators in the exhibition and congress sector. IEG Group specializes in organizing events in five categories: Food & Beverage; Jewellery & Fashion; Tourism, Hospitality and Lifestyle; Wellness and Leisure; Green & Technology. In recent years, IEG has embarked on an important path of expansion abroad, also through the establishing of joint ventures with local operators (for example in the USA, United Arab Emirates and in China). IEG closed the 2017 financial reports with total consolidated revenues of 130.7 million euro, an EBITDA of 23.2 million and a consolidated net profit of 9.2 million. In 2017, IEG, in the exhibition and congress venues of Rimini and Vicenza, totaled 50 organized or hosted events and 206 congress events. https://en.iegexpo.it/

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