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#IAmAWoman: TBZ listens to its female employees’ view of empowerment in relatable social media campaign



TBZ listens to its female employees’ view of empowerment in relatable social media campaign

Through the three-video campaign, the brand reaches out to its women customers and highlights the importance of independent decision-making when it comes to jewellery purchase 

Mumbai: In different fields, women are taking charge of their lives, irrespective of the position they hold. To highlight that women are capable of bringing about change and contributing to society in their individual capacities, TBZ – The Original launched a Women’s Day campaign on social media, promoting it under the hashtag #IAmAWoman. The novelty of this campaign is that the brand looked no further than its own showrooms to find examples of empowerment – the women whose words have been captured on Instagram reels are none other than its own staffers speaking their mind.

The campaign showcases how empowerment transcends barriers, delving deeper into the multifaceted dimensions of this quality and how different women choose to identify with it. It celebrates the diverse strengths and resilience inherent in womanhood, and recognizes that each woman is an achiever in her own way.

In the first reel titled ‘I am Bold’, the women confidently talk of the empowerment they derive from independent decision-making. They address the camera directly, and their candid statements illustrate how embracing agency and authenticity have helped them cultivate a bold and assertive demeanour. The brand has made the content of the videos relatable to its base of women customers, highlighting the importance of independent decision-making with regard to jewellery purchase. 

In the second reel titled ‘I am Fearless’, the brand honours qualities often overlooked or underestimated in women by mainstream society. With a caption that reads “Fear comes in various shapes and sizes. But what really matters is how we face them”, the reel shares the outlook of three intrepid women. Each statement within this reel encapsulates a distinct facet of fearlessness that defies conventional gender stereotypes. One woman recounts a daring night trek undertaken with her canine companion, defying societal norms that often restrict the adventurous spirit in women. Another shares her ability to confront challenges head-on, while the third woman expresses how resilience stands as a cornerstone of her character, as she goes about navigating life’s obstacles. 

In the third and last reel of the campaign titled ‘I am Empowered’, all the women share their thoughts on what makes them feel empowered. They express confidence about believing in themselves to chart their own path. The brand has successfully captured the sentiment that receiving love and support in their immediate circle makes any woman feel strong and empowered. 

The campaign also serves to uphold TBZ – The Original as a sensitive employer that has a large number of women employees on its rolls, while underlining the fact that its retail business can sense the needs, preferences and challenges of jewellery buyers who are women.

Written by Aparna Bhowmick

Retail Jeweller India Exclusive 

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