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Hari Krishna Exports Pvt Ltd organised a trip to Mahableshwar for employees




16th January, 2019, Mumbai :Hari Krishna Exports Pvt Ltd, India’s leading manufacturer of cut & polished diamonds organized a tour for two nights and three days to Mahableshwar for employees. The trip was a part of incentive and reward scheme for the employees who did not take any leave in the year 2018 and for the ones who performed on the annual day program.

More than 300 employees with their family were a part of the trip. Blessed with the goodness of nature, this picturesque and serene destination of Mahableshwar offered employees the mesmerizing views of the high peaks, lush forests, emerald valleys and the sparkling rivers.

The trip also comprised of various fun activities and entertainment program for employees such as Garba/ DJ Night, live orchestra, trekking, this was followed by visit to strawberry garden, motivational games and several sports activities.

Shri Ghanshyam Dholakia, Founder and Managing Director,said, ‘’We were delighted to organize this tour and reward our employees for their talent and diligence.This trip paved a way for togetherness and enlightenment, through zest shown by the employees.I am thankful to all the employees who made this trip one of the most memorable with full of excitement and enthusiasm.’’

Courtesy: The Retail Jeweller India News Service

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