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Gold will never go out of fashion in India: SwarnShilp



SwarnShilp Chains & Jewellers Pvt Ltd is a premier jewellery manufacturing and wholesaling company, headquartered in Mumbai. Set up in 1989, SwarnShilp has, over the years, established itself as one of the top design-led jewellers in the market. The products of the company speak for themselves – high quality with exquisite finishing. SwarnShilp has an eye for detail, and it strives to keep itself updated on the latest trends in the industry. Interestingly, despite considerable investments in high-end machinery and tools, all its products are hand-finished and checked for quality. With the festive season round the corner,Praful Ranawat Chairman, Swarnshilp Chains & Jewellers, speaks to Retail Jeweller about the company’s collection and the thought that goes into preparing it.

The Retail Jeweller (TRJ): What  is the future of gold jewellery in India?

Praful Ranawat (PR): Gold is an element that will never go out of fashion in India. It is part of our culture. Take any region, any state of India, and you will find that gold and gold jewellery are inextricably linked with our beliefs, values, and traditions. Be it marriage, engagement, birth, or just a festival, gold has always been a part of our celebrations. It would not be an exaggeration to say that we express our love and happiness through gold. Hence, the future of gold jewellery in India can never be questioned, no matter how the trends change.

RJ: Please share with us some  design trends that appeal to your customers.

PR: We believe that design is one of the most important aspects of gold jewellery. Preferences and tastes keep changing, and as manufacturers, we have to have an ear to the ground in order to figure out what kind of a design we should offer in our collections. We strive to make our jewellery lightweight, as that is what women prefer nowadays. They still buy heavy jewellery, but overall, the shift is definitely towards lighter, easier-to-wear jewellery. Besides, durability is a very important goal for us. Even if the jewellery is lightweight, it does not mean that we compromise on durability. It is a question of our reputation – we swear by our quality, and durability is an important aspect of quality. Other than that, a striking design is mandatory. We constantly innovate to improve our designs and the overall finish.

RJ: What is your focus area in gold jewellery?

PR: Being gold jewellery manufacturers, we specialize in 18-karat and 22-karat gold ornaments. We mostly offer gold bangles and chains. Besides, we make rhodium sets as well.

RJ: Would you say that a well-appointed showroom impacts business in a significant manner?

PR: Yes, of course, space is always an advantage if you want to expand your business. It enables you to showcase more products in a well-organized manner. We now have a bigger showroom in Zaveri Bazaar, and we are sure that the extra space will drive our business significantly. Our stock is now more visible and the design of the showroom is such as to enable customers browse through our collection in a comfortable and leisurely manner.

For more information contact: Khushboo Ranawat

info@swarnshilpchains.com |  Ph no: +91-222-311-8000

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