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Delivering great customer service amidst a global pandemic

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Leading jewellers share tidbits about big sales that they made during and after the lockdown

Amit Seth
Owner, Naresh Kumar and Sons Jewellers, Sonebhadra, UP

‘We made a dejected customer happy with diamond jewelry’

An old customer called us regularly during the lockdown and enquire about when we were opening. After we did, he visited us but the gold rates were quite higher than pre-lockdown time. Although he came to buy wedding jewelry from us, due to the high gold rates, he bought limited pieces. At that time, I suggested that he buy more because the rates were sure to go further up later. The customer was under the impression that the rates would come down. When he came back to the store to buy a diamond necklace after a month, he was surprised at the further increase in gold rates. He was dejected, so I suggested that he buy diamond jewelry at the same price. He happily agreed.

‘We locked gold rates for a customer despite no running offer’

When we reopened in June, a new customer came along with a Rs 9-lakh cheque. The customer was worried about high gold rates and asked us to lock the day’s rate in lieu of the advance payment. They had a wedding in the family and were planning to buy jewellery in a few months. Initially, I refused because we were not running any such offer and gold prices were unstable. However, the customer was adamant and we agreed to it because we didn’t want to lose them. The customer finally came to us in the first week of December and bought bridal gold jewellery.

Amit Jain
Proprietor, Fancy Jewellers, Sagar, MP

Sanjay Agarwal
Partner, Navratan Jewellers, Varanasi

‘We sold bridal jewellery worth Rs 10 lakh to a new customer’ 

On the day after Dhanteras, a new customer came to us with his mother. He wanted to buy gold bands. When we spoke to him during the billing, I came to know that he was getting married in a few months and would require bridal jewellery soon. I requested him to visit our diamond section and take a look. He liked our collection so much that he decided to buy the bridal pieces that very day. They bought a diamond set, bangles and ring worth Rs 10 lakhs.

‘My customer still calls to thank me for the earrings I got made for her’

When the lockdown ended, a lady visited the store to buy a pair of diamond earrings. After going through the designs, she asked for something new, but we did not have new stock at that time. We requested her to give us a few days as our karigars were working. We showed her the CAD design and told her that it will be available in a few days. The customer was excited with our design and told us to book the piece for her. We expedited the process and delivered the product in 15 days. The customer still calls me and thanks me for the earrings for her.

Shivek Gupta
Partner, Tibarumals Jewellers, Hyderabad

Suresh Bitla
Owner, Bitla Jewellers, Solapur

‘I convinced a customer to invest in gold’

An old customer visited us with his family a few months ago. They wanted to buy normal jewellery purchase. The gold rate was around Rs 52,000 that day. I suggested that he increase his budget and buy more gold from an investment point of view because the rates were slated to go higher. I also told him that gold is the only commodity that was still giving good returns and he should invest in gold. The customer finally agreed and bought jewellery worth Rs 5.5 lakh. After a month, he called and complimented me for the wise suggestion as gold prices reached around Rs 57,000. It made me happy that I could help a customer.

‘‘We got our client’s modifications done in 3 days’

Recently, one of our old customers from Delhi contacted us for customizing  jewellery for their daughter’s wedding. By the virtue of being a Tamil Brahmin and having a reputation for selling good-quality diamonds, we share a trust within the community both in India as well as abroad. The customer contacted us after 3-4 years and we sent them images of some of our best pieces on WhatsApp. In the following chat, they shared few patterns as per their liking and asked for certain modifications which were duly done within three days.  We delivered a pair of solitaire and ruby earrings and emerald and diamond jhumkas. 

Mihir Shah
Director, N. Gopaldas Diamond Jewellers, Chennai

Tarun Kanwar
Director, NTS Navrattan Jewellers, New Delhi

‘‘Served a long distance customer’ 

In October, we handled a client from Kolkata via video and phone calls. The first phone call was very haphazard for us because we had never done anything like that before but then we organized ourselves and managed to service the client for their entire wedding jewellery trousseau. We set up a corner inside the showroom with high definition cameras and displayed our complete wedding jewellery collections including gold, diamond, jadau and polki jewellery. We had deputed 2 persons exclusively for this task where one person interacted with the client whereas the other person wore the shortlisted jewellery on her. The entire process took almost 40 days to complete.

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