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Dassani Brothers Unveils the Sanjoli Collection Records 10-15% growth At IIJS Exhibition



Dassani Brothers, India’s finest designer jewellery brand, has recently recorded an increase in the number of visitors to their booth at this year’s IIJS Exhibition. The four-day event held in Mumbai brought forth Dassani Brothers with a total of 180 visitors and 19 new clients, leading to a positive spike in sales of nearly 10-15% as compared to the previous year. Furthermore, the jewellery company also unveiled its Sanjoli collection, which is inspired by the essence of the universe. It is a fusion of aesthetics and the colours of nature.

The collection is made with 18 KT gold and comprises neckpieces, earrings, bangles and rings. It is handcrafted by experienced artisans using Syndicate quality uncut diamonds (Polki), round brilliant cut diamonds, different types of emeralds, sapphires, rubies, and corals. This makes the collection inundated with colours that represent lush forests, rocky deserts, bright flowers, and dark clouds that define the beauty of living. The collection totally enticed the customers, along with Victorian-style jewellery and statement pendant and necklace sets.

IIJS is one of the largest B2B gems and jewellery exhibitions where most of the global and Indian industry leaders exhibit their business and showcase their best jewellery collections every year. Dassani Brothers has been participating in the exhibition for the past 17 years and has witnessed an ample number of visitors and new clients with overseas exposure each time. The association with IIJS has always been a catalyst for the business growth of Dassani Brothers as it amplifies its understanding of the ongoing and upcoming trends and helps in building connections with the leading manufacturers, investors, and many others through the exhibition.

Commenting on the exhibition, Sumit Dassani, Partner at Dassani Brothers, said, “IIJS has taken great initiatives this year, such as giving standard booths to every exhibitor and allocating distinctive jewellery brands in the same hall. There were nearly 300 new exhibitors, which was an opportunity for all of us to connect with each other. Sustaining during difficult times is itself a challenge for manufacturers like us, but IIJS gives us a grasp of the new trends and a vision to expand our business. We’ve seen an increase in footfall at our booth, along with new clients. The number of clients from North India was greater this time.”

Over the past few years, everyone has been impacted globally by the pandemic in some way, be it physically, mentally, or economically. The jewellery market has also encountered similar challenges as other industries due to nationwide closures and the economic downturn. Domestic demand and exports in the gems and jewellery market experienced a significant decline. After going through a lot, the jewellery industry is finally back on track and doing better than before. Demand for jewellery, especially during the festive and wedding season, has seen a tremendous increase recently.

Courtesy: Retail Jeweller India News

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