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Celebrate the unbreakable bond of Rakhi with your loved ones with Dassani Brothers’ exquisite Bracelets #BandToBond



Some bonds we create, and then there are those that last a lifetime! A connection that we forever treasure and consider to be the most priceless is that of – Sibling Love! While the foundation of this is instilled with friendship that is built over years, the sense of comfort and safety only adds on to the emotion getting stronger. This vibrant equation encourages us to bloom into our true-natural self and celebrate each year with the festival of Raksha Bandhan. The festival serves us with an occasion to celebrate one another while rejoicing in the company and expressing our gratitude to deepen the relationship with love and faith. Owing to this, Dassani Brothers brings forth a beautiful collection of valuable and exquisite Bracelets to build the ties stronger.

The collection ranges in design that can be enjoyed by both – men and women. Crafted with intricate care, the bracelets are made with 18KT Gold and the pieces are embellished with syndicate quality uncut Diamonds (Polki), Round brilliant cut Diamonds, carved Russian Emeralds, Emerald beads and faceted Emeralds. The collection is handcrafted and designed by skilled technicians and artisans of Dassani Brothers and comprises bracelets with multiple designs and color options. While gold is a wise choice for investments, it is also an ideal gift on such occasions and could be best-suited for other life events such as – cocktail party or reception. The collection is subtle yet elegant and flattering for those who purchase it. The designs of the bracelets are exclusive and magnificent and are a perfect fit for presenting to your friends on friendship day as well as to your siblings on Raksha Bandhan. The collection is exclusively available on www.dassanibrothers.com.

Commenting on the collection, Sumit Dassani, Partner at Dassani Brothers said, “We always admire the beauty of customs and relationships and try to bring something exquisite as per the desires of our customers on every occasion. It’s true that jewelry enhances the appearance, but this time we thought of designing a collection that even strengthens the relationships with it and makes the inner soul as well as the outer bonds even stronger. ”

Courtesy: Retail Jeweller India News

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