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Candere introduces Double Gold Rate Protection Plan to safeguard their customers from gold rate hikes



Quote-creative- Rupesh Jain

In a bid to help their customers combat unwanted gold rate fluctuations, Candere by Kalyan Jewellers, one of India’s leading online fine jewellery stores, has introduced Double Gold Rate Protection Plan. Under this plan, customers can book their jewellery at the current market price of gold simply by paying 10% advance and safeguard the jewellery booked from any future rate hikes. The brand has undertaken this initiative to facilitate online jewellery shopping as the wedding and festive season begins.

With the gold market plagued by uncertainties owing to factors like the trade war between China and the USA, and an increase in import duty, the prices have witnessed a dramatic upsurge of late. As the festive season is underway amidst this scenario, Candere attempts to rid its customers of all apprehensions regarding rate fluctuations, enabling them to go ahead and purchase jewellery freely. While one may wonder that this plan might lead to a loss in case of a price drop, the brand ensures application of the revised lower rate on the jewellery upon pre-closing of the EMI. Therefore, the most beneficial factor of signing up with this plan is getting the jewellery at the minimum-most gold rate during the tenure.

Further, one of the biggest and most differentiating value propositions of this scheme lies in its flexible payment terms. Candere has facilitated customers with the flexibility to pay as per their convenience on any day of the month by way of three options: EMI Amount, Other Amount, and Balance Amount. As part of EMI Amount, the installment plans range between 2-6 months and 2-9 months for gold and diamond jewellery respectively. Other Amount provides customers with the option to pay whatever amount they are comfortable paying then, and Balance Amount allows them to pay the remaining payment at one go. The jewellery will get delivered within 14-18 days post the payment of last installment.

Essentially, through Double Gold Rate Protection Plan and its unique value propositions, Candere guarantees a stress-free jewellery shopping experience for all its customers which have become imperative in these times of unpredictability in the gold market.

Sharing an insight behind the introduction of this plan, Rupesh JainFounder and CEOCandere remarked, “With the festive season round the corner, there is no better a time to celebrate happiness and togetherness than now. However, unwelcomed gold rate hikes tend to dampen the festive mood for many. We, at Candere, strive to uplift our customers’ spirits and help them celebrate without worrying about burning holes in their pockets. By introducing the Double Gold Rate Protection Plan, we want to assure our customers that they can shop fine jewellery at the minimum gold rate even after placing their order. Further, we have come up with highly flexible payment terms under this plan while charging no processing or interest fee, or unnecessary documentation. Through such offerings, we envision to make this plan as convenient as possible for our customers so as to let them enjoy the festive season without any jewellery-related anxieties.”


Courtesy: Retail Jeweller India News Service

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