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Tanishq’s ‘Marriage Conversations’ ad breaks the ceiling of emotional quotient in Indian market



Tanishq’s ‘Marriage Conversations’ ad breaks the ceiling of emotional quotient in Indian market

An excellent campaign is one that excites the customer and leaves a lasting impression on prospects. When it comes to jewellery, there are few such commercials that hit that mark. Tanishq’s Marriage Conversations is something that sets the bar of emotional involvement pretty high.

This brand recall ad doesn’t even mention jewellery. Instead, the ad goes on to touch three very practical hurdles of life that many of us go through, yet don’t muster enough courage to talk out in the open. When it comes to starting a conjugal life, clearing oneself out with absolute transparency is the best way to strive forward.

Drawing parallels to the thought of opening hearts out before would-be spouses, the ad conveys three conversations. It starts with a couple at a restaurant. The man starts talking about how he wants to build his own enterprise, instead of resorting to a 9-to-5 job. Hesitant to the core, he wishes in his heart of hearts that she understands what matters to him.

At the same time, we see two other couples engrossed in understanding the unspoken,personal issues of one half of themselves. There is a lady who tries to drive home the point of adoption, explaining how her being adopted has been instrumental in her growth as an adult individual. There is another lady trying to explain her bouts of depression to her partner. She wants to be honest about what she feels is an imperfection.

The happy endings in these brilliantly executed performances are very well thought-out. The lady in the first story agrees, provided the man holds no grudge for being supported by his wife in the initial years. The man in the second conversation finds the idea of adoption beautiful, while the man in the third story assured that the couple will “fight it together”.

This video has received 83.6K views on Instagram, 17 lakh views on YouTube and 2.4 million views on Facebook since release on November 24. While the numbers speak for itself, the videos have initiated organic congratulatory messages and reactions from existing, potential customers and even those who don’t take interest in jewellery per se. Each instance of relation bats for transparency in the commercial, thus making it easier for prospects to equate trust and transparency with Tanishq’s products.

Written by Shubham Dasgupta

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