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Designer Amrita Thakur’s styling demo for Sheetal Zaveri by Vithal Das is a gem of details



Designer Amrita Thakur’s styling demo for Sheetal Zaveri by Vithal Das is a gem of details

Collaboration with influencers is a safe bet for any brand to reach out to new markets. However, one needs to work with the best names in the fashion industry. Sheetal Zaveri by Vithal Das has done just that with fashion designer Amrita Thakur on one of their Instagram reels.

In an Instagram edit spanning over 5 minutes, Thakur donned various jewellery pieces of the latest collection by the brand. Describing the lightweight collection in detail, Thakur showcased how each jewellery blends with any kind of casual or office wear.

Thakur exhibited how jewellery with animal motifs blend well with different forms of stackable jewellery as bangles, bracelets, neckpieces, and waist bands, which can double up as plunging necklaces. “You can wear this with a shirt or with a saree,” said Thakur, as she demonstrated the usability of the long neckpiece.

Next up was her demonstrating the different earpieces by the brand. Thakur wore a dress from her own clothing range that matched with each and every form of jewellery that she showcased. She guided the viewers through improvisation tips in pairing jewellery with style. “I’d like to wear this long necklace a bit close to the neckline so as to give the complete look of the collection with earrings. This works better than the original form of the neckpiece,” Thakur explained.

The edit for the Indira Collection was timed appropriately, just ahead of Diwali, to give a much-needed styling tip. The video has received over 2,318 views on Instagram since upload, which is a rare feat to be achieved by a video spanning over five minutes on Instagram. Thakur’s careful guidance on jewellery offered much-needed direction on not just jewellery styling for a particular piece, but for an entire range of lightwear jewellery that have the capacity to create distinct looks for different moods.

Showing how the same design can be worn differently, Thakur’s step-by-step edit stood apart from offerings by competitions which usually leave with just a brief glance of the entire look.

Written by Shubham Dasgupta

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