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Chandukaka Saraf and Sons immortalizes transporter’s success with silver miniature truck



Chandukaka Saraf and Sons immortalizes transporter's success with silver miniature truck

We all agree to the fact that jewellery is an emotion. For women in particular, emotional attachment with jewellery has undergone a seismic change as they are more comfortable to wear jewellery instead of confining them in lockers. However, Chandukaka Saraf and Sons has stood witness to an inimitable value attached to jewellery by, surprisingly, men.

A look at the brand’s Instagram handle will guide followers to a miniature silver truck. Made entirely in silver of 2.2kg weight, this truck holds immense value as a custom-made jewellery, said a spokesperson from the brand’s advertising department under conditions of anonymity. “In December 2021, a transporter visited us with a very unique request. He shared images of a truck that had been a game-changer for his career in this business. He requested us to make a miniature version of the truck,” he said.

The request was passed on to the floor in-charge of Hadapsar branch, Arvind Bokan, who consulted silver inventory head Vinay Shinde to take it ahead. The resultant product had every single detail right from the number plate to the structure of the truck immaculately similar. Not only pleased the consumer, but remained as a permanent imprint of his success.

Chandukaka Saraf and Sons

This is not the first time for the brand to extend such a request. Back in 2018, said the spokesperson, a barber visited one of the brand’s showroom to custom-order a gold razor. “Such was the impact of the product that the customer was featured by ABP at that time,” he maintained.

Such instances project Chandukaka Saraf and Sons above and beyond the competition for market acquisition. That is because the brand relates to the thought process of its prospects. This is a fundamental requirement for jewellery players today because when such customised products see the light of the day, the customers themselves become ambassadors through word-of-mouth promotion.

Written by Shubham Dasgupta

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