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Ganjam’s exclusive styling workshop with Vogue paves path for industry collaborations



Ganjam’s exclusive styling workshop with Vogue paves path for industry collaborations

Exhibitions, B2B meets, festivals — jewellers have done them all. While the tried and tested methods produce a predictable outcome in normal cases, innovative promotions always attract attention. Take Ganjam’s exclusive promotional workshop with Vogue India that exposed the brand in a different light.

The Bengaluru-based brand had unveiled their Sakura collection, inspired by the Japanese flower by the same name. The brand wanted to bring in a style quotient and approached Vogue for this partnership. The plan worked out just fine and one of Vogue’s the-then fashion editor Riya Kamath came down to style few chosen clients of Ganjam for the occasion.

“Housewives, doctors, lawyers … the clients were from different walks of life. They were personally invited by the brand and were from all ages,” said Deepa Ojha, marketing manager, Ganjam. “Besides Sakura, we used pastel colours across all our diamond jewellery to style the customers. The in-house designs manufactured gave a nice boost to the client’s attires. The clients were also featured in the publication. This was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for our customers to get such a brilliant exposure with inarguably the market leader in fashion,” Ojha added.

Styling has to be wise and must blend with the personality of the wearer, a clause that Ganjam and Vogue took into consideration while prepping up the customers for the photoshoot during the half-day promotional workshop that took place in 2018. “We didn’t force our jewellery to be worn just for the sake of promotion of our collections. The idea was to make the volunteers comfortable. There were about three different looks that each volunteer underwent. This was followed by a champagne evening,” said Ojha.

Each participant took away first-hand self-styling tips while getting featured on Vogue. The event gave a lot of value, says Ojha, to the participants as opposed to just a fashion show for the launch of a new collection. Knowing the collaboration, the participants had also brought their relatives and friends in, which organically increased the brand’s exposure to a new client base.

“We are open to similar collaborations not only with media but also with brands in the same segment so that there is an enhanced effort to impress the target audience and benefit from it mutually. Pandemic has been an obvious dampener, but we are up for similar partnerships now,” concluded the spokesperson.

Written by Shubham Dasgupta

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