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“Old is definitely gold”, Shri Ram Hari Ram proves it with Diva’ni tie-up



Heirloom ranges are something every jeweller is proud of. They sustain the legacy of a family and are never out of fashion. Promoting the same, brands generally take the easy route with young models, young blood that appreciate the legacy. But few reimagine the image of a grandparent bedecked in the same jewellery. Shri Ram Hari Ram Jewellers (SRHRJ) has done that remarkably.

The current collaboration with bridal couture brand Diva’ni has powered SRHRJ with a breathtaking promotion on Instagram. The snaps showcase an aged, mature model wearing an antique passa and golden bangles. She owns the look and reminds viewers of the ageless beauty of antique jewellery. The attire is from Diva’ni while the jewellery accessorisation has been done by SRHRJ.

Such age-appropriate promotion of heirloom jewellery sheds a light on the fashion statement of elderlies in Indian families, something that is put in the backburner due to youngsters frontlining the glamour space. This apart, few hashtags such as #prepartition, #puranidilli, #lahore give us a glimpse at the cross-border clientele the jewellery brand has been targeting. Brand director Meghali Gupta says this is the first such collaboration with a fashion label that leans heavily towards heritage. “The label has strong presence in India as well as Pakistan. To pep up their clothing lines, they were looking for heirloom pieces which is one of SRHRJ’s forte. We are an old jewellery brand and the experience elderlies bring in to our lives can’t be replicated. This is the reason why the collaboration took place,” said Gupta, adding that Diva’ni was glad to dress up one of their models for this collection.

In the last week of December, SRHRJ began social media promotion of this collaboration, which is fascinating youngsters particularly and delighting buyers across other age brackets. “This is because heirloom pieces provide a refreshing array of looks to youngsters. We have been seeing an uptick in price enquiries online due to lockdown-related constraints in operating retail stores at the moment. We hope that this collaboration entices customers for both bridal clothing and jewellery uniquely,” Gupta concluded.

Courtesy: Retail Jeweller India News

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