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Platinum Evara’s ad on self-purchase is bringing Kirtilals attention online



Platinum has its loyal fanbase for every age. The lure of those love bands is equally hard to resist as the appeal of a neckpiece studded with diamonds. That is how Platinum Guild International (PGI) has been keeping the imagination of young women enraptured with their Platinum Evara Collection. And Kirtilals is glad to promote the collection through the new PGI commercial.

The video commercial is peppered with monologues reemphasizing the delight of self-purchase. Different models adorn themselves with different platinum jewellery, expressing their joy in pampering themselves sometimes with their entire salary or just an indulgence without the need for approval from society. The jewellery fit the individualism of each woman perfectly in the ad. The video commercial has garnered over 26 lakh views on YouTube within three weeks of release, thus confirming the popularity of this segment.

Talking about the hype around the precious metal that look minimalistic yet grand, Selvarajan Periyasamy, VP (Operations), Kirtilals, said, “Youngsters, who are into minimalistic fashion and put themselves before the grandeur of any accessory, love platinum. There is a stable demand from this audience base for lightweight products.”

The year 2021 witnessed a 10% growth in the demand of platinum jewellery, thus encouraging Kirtilals to put more focus on promotion of platinum. “In the lightweight category, we see a huge demand for platinum rings. We at Kirtilals hope to sensitise the youngsters more about platinum jewellery, their rarity and value in the market alongside the beauty quotient. This is one of our endeavours in this direction,” he maintained. 

Courtesy: Retail Jeweller India News

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