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Maliram Jewellers – Be Original’s new showroom at Central Mall, Amritsar spells luxury for customers




The 2,000 sq ft showroom has dedicated segments for gold, diamond, and polki jewellery, and has an appointment-based concept for customers. The brand’s USP is providing customers an uber-luxurious in-store experience

Amritsar: Maliram Jewellers – Be Original unveiled its third retail outlet at Central Mall, Amritsar recently. Spread across 2,000 sq ft, the boutique showroom packs a punch with excellent interior décor and elaborate segments for gold, diamond, and polki jewellery, and its aim is to give customers an uber-luxurious shopping experience.

The brand’s journey from the bustling streets of Guru Bazaar to opening its third retail outlet crowns years of dedication, innovation, and a customer-centric approach. “Each step has reinforced our bond with customers, and our third showroom is a reflection of unwavering customer loyalty that the brand is happy to reward with a luxurious in-store experience,” says Shanker Maliram Kedia, Proprietor, Maliram Jewellers – Be Original.


This outlet provides personalised service and assistance, as customers are welcomed inside the VIP lounge. The layout seamlessly incorporates distinct sections dedicated to gold, diamond, and polki jewellery, each offering a selection of exquisite pieces. The space is a subsidiary of Maliram’s flagship store at Eminent Mall and ensures bespoke service, catering to diverse demands.

Speaking on what customers can expect from the new store, Kedia says, “We have an appointment-based concept at our Central Mall showroom. It gives customers a rare experience of browsing through our products while enjoying an immersive environment, with our craftsmanship echoing across the store. This makes each customer feel special.”

Central Mall was a natural choice for the brand’s third showroom due to its strategic location and the opportunity it provides to engage with the industry network and customers effectively. The showroom houses a diverse array of collections ranging from classic gold sets to contemporary diamond creations and intricate polki designs.

“The in-store experience is elevated by our knowledgeable staff, who not only assist customers but also share insights about the craftsmanship and history of the jewellery. Their expertise adds depth to the shopping experience, ensuring that customers make choices that resonate with their unique styles,” Kedia explains.

Written by Ashwin Bose

Retail Jeweller India Exclusive

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