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Holiday season is packed with football fever, contests, and celebrations for the jewellery industry



The holiday season came with a lot of surprises and excitement this year. The whole world was on the edge of its seat with the World Cup 2022, and to top, the marvellous victory of Argentina ushered in the wintry year-end. This was the cosiest time of celebration and jewellers didn’t miss a single beat in celebrating all of it.

As Anjali Jewellers and other brands flooded their social feeds with football-inspired jewellery pieces to hype up the crowd, PNG Jewellers took the excitement to another level with the launch of football-shaped pendants. This was a unisex jewellery range that appealed to every football fanatic. The brand also involved a freestyling footballer in an interesting campaign throughout the tenure of the cup. Before particular matches, the freestyler asked people to guess the result of the match, and also the name of the first player scoring a goal. Participants also had to share their names, contact details, and address. Lucky contenders got to win a silver football pendant.

The content spree went ahead with Melorra on their Make a Wish campaign for the year-end. As part of this, the brand uploaded a collection of eight stunning gold jewellery pieces arranged alphabetically. Participants only had to comment the piece they ‘wish for’, and stand a chance to win the jewellery piece. C. Krishniah Chetty Group of Jewellers focussed on the gemstone of the month of December, tanzanite, and has come up with a breath-taking cushion-cut cocktail ring adorned with tanzanite, diamonds and white gold.  Emeralds, Madagascar rubies, and a 57 facet Diamond Air™ brilliant cut diamond also featured in this eclectic collection for the true fashion virtuoso.


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