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Divine Solitaires – Building Consumers Trust and Confidence in Diamonds



Consumers have always been allured by the beauty and charm of diamonds but due to the complex nature of how diamonds are classified and valued, people have felt unsure andsomewhat confused while buying diamond jewellery. Especially consumers in India have always perceived diamonds as most aspirational asset.  There exists a lot of apprehension about the quality and valuation of the diamonds when consumersbuy them, adorn them and wish to resale them and this has prevented diamond jewellery from becoming popular amongst mainstream consumer market. By and large the industry have not been able to give the much needed comfort and confidence when it comes to diamond jewellery. This is true even though there are a plethora of brands, mostly store brands offering a wide variety of options.

In this environment, Divine Solitaires took it as a responsibility and opportunity to build this much needed trust and confidence in consumers about diamonds. It has done this by making quality and transparency the two pillars of its brand proposition. It has made buying diamonds easy by carefully curating its products to only have the best quality parameters and backed it with nationwide standard and transparent pricing. This has made Divine Solitaires one of the fastest growing brands in the industry with more than 50% of its buyers who are first time buyers of diamond jewellery. This is a remarkable achievement and a great contribution to the growth of diamond jewellery segment in India.

Founder and Managing Director Mr. Jignesh Mehta says, “Diamond consumers deserves much more comfort through innovativesolutions which will be a huge encouragement for peopleto spend their share of wallet for diamond jewellery. Industry players instead of bitterly competing over a small pie should become progressive and innovative to bringconsumerfocused products and solutions to the market to build consumer trust and confidence and in the right spirit grow the overall market which has enough opportunities for all”.With his vision and leadership, Divine Solitaires has gone on to build a brand that customers have grown to trust. Co-Founder Mr. Shailen Mehta points out “The key is how we select, certify and guarantee ourdiamonds. It completely assures the customer about beauty and value of the diamond and they trust us to deliver on that every time.” With features like Hearts and Arrows (Ex.Ex.Ex.)Plus®, Quality Guarantee Certificate® and Standard and Transparent Pricing, Divine Solitaires has made natural diamonds a reliable asset on par with gold. So much so that many customers have seen the value of their diamond double over 5-7 years and have taken advantage of its upgrade and buyback policies to grow their solitaire.

From a handful of jewellers, 15 years ago to a network of 200+ partner jewellers in more than 100 cities across India, Divine Solitaires has built a strong presence especially in tier 2 and 3 towns. “Divine Solitaires has mainstreamed solitaire jewellery for the masses as well as the classes. Their focus on quality and transparency was why we were one of the first to partner with them”, says Mr Tejpal Ranka of Ranka Jewellers Chinchwad, Pune. “Customers have lots of questions regarding diamond’s purity and quality, more so now with the influx of lab grown diamonds. Therefore, it is reassuring that Divine has all the answers to satisfy them and assure them that they can verify and track each diamond from the mine itself.” points out Mr Satyam Rastogi of Kamal Jewellers, Dehradun.

Divine Solitaires has embraced digital technologies in a big way to bring the brand closer to the customer and offer information and services at fingertips. Through its mobile app, customers can avail of the free insurance facility and verify and track their diamond’s journey right from the mine. They also get to know the current prevailing price, upgrade / buyback eligibility and value and even the eligible loan available against their diamond! Neither domestic brands like Tanishq nor international brands like De Beers have not been able to match these pioneering features.

Co-Promoter Mr Hitesh Mehta of H Deepak & Co. says, “Because of unique features we were convinced and able to see tremendous value in the brand for consumers as well as for us.” Bringing the world’s most beautiful diamonds set in exquisite solitaire jewellery to Indian consumers has been an endeavour sans parallel. Divine Solitaires has set the benchmark in customer satisfaction and innovations like the newly introduced Diamond Cointhat adds value for a lifetime. Collections with trendy designs on contemporary fashion themes as well as classic evergreen designs – each customisable to the solitaire of choice – in rings, pendants, earrings, bangles, and necklaces present a huge variety and choice for the customer to suit. There is one for every occasion!

Courtesy: Retail Jeweller India News

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