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Vaibhav Jewellers unearths traditional fashion of Coorg for latest range



Vaibhav Jewellers unearths traditional fashion of Coorg for latest range

Innovation and differentiation are fundamental for recognition, which is why every brand in every industry works on these two factors diligently today. In jewellery, players have resorted to exploring regional culture keenly to unearth elements that can be used for product differentiation. One of the most significant efforts on this note is Vaibhav Jewellers’ Coorg collection.

As the name suggests, this is based on the traditions and culture of this picturesque tourist spot in South-west Karnataka. Explaining the USPs of designs and motifs of jewellery worn therein, Keerthana Grandhi, director, Vaibhav Jewellers, said, “Traditional gold jewellery in Coorg has always had floral and faunal elements. They are made using a special metalworking technique that is shaped by hammering on the reverse. Coorg jewellery is hollow and handcrafted. Most pieces are filled with lac to give it a shape and make it solid. The traditional Coorg jewellery is termed as Kadagas or bangles, and necklaces that are characterized as Kokkethathi, Pathak and Joomale.

“The Jomaale is a traditional necklace, often multi-stranded and made of hollow, ribbed, gold beads threaded on thick black cord and paired with pendants. The Kokkethathi is a crescent shaped pendant with a serpent at the helm. The serpent hood signifies fertility and prosperity in life. Rubies are embedded below the serpent and below the rubies, is usually an engraved image of Goddess Lakshmi. The rim of the pendant is fringed with pearls. It is one of the oldest jewellery patterns that are still seen in India. Kadagas or ‘Coorg Bangles’ were solid gold bangles–single, double, or even triple-tiered embellished with rubies and other precious stones with a screw used to open and close the ornament. Again, Pathak, a gold coin with an image of Goddess Kaveri or Lakshmi, is a symbol of marriage in Kodava culture,” she added.

Since this product is highly design-oriented and traditional,it requires personal selling. That is why the brand is targeting regional clientele for offline sale and a global clientele for online sale. The brand launched the collection at their flagship store by creating a special corner for product display with the natural ambience of Coorg. The designs appeal a vast cohort of women customers right from 13 to 55 years of age.

Online, the jeweller is creating and releasing interactive stories and reels on Facebook and Instagram targeting an age group of 18 – 65 years, thus generating mammoth metrics of reach, impressions, post clicks, and engagement.

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