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Kasturi Jewellers upscales staff confidence with Family Day 2022



Kasturi Jewellers upscales staff confidence with Family Day 2022

Jewellery is a very competitive segment and demands exceptional dedication of all its stakeholders. It’s little wonder that staff of every jewellery brand go all out to bump up revenues day in and out. In such scenarios, it’s important to recognise their endeavours and Kasturi Jewellers, Patna, did just that with their Family Day 2022 activity.

The activity involved complete participation of every staff member of Kasturi Jewellers in entertainment activities in order to enhance their confidence and communication levels. Held in December 2022, the programme mandated every staff member to vote for their favourite performer, with special participation of brand director Rishu Gupta himself in the voting process.

There were six categories of felicitation this year, namely ‘Record of perfect attendance’ (Balister Singh and Shubham Singh), ‘Best Supporting Employee’ (Raju Singh Rajput and Amit Kumar), ‘Best Perfomance Of The Year Overall’ (Tarun Kumar and Santosh Kumar), ‘Rising Star’ (Pankaj Kumar Singh), ‘Sales Man Of The Year’ (Prem Nath), and ‘Best Performance Of The Evening’ (Samir Arya) respectively.

Rishu Gupta, director, Kasturi Jewellers, Patna, remembers the excitement and nervousness of his staff members on the first such activity. “This was our 3rd year of celebrating KASTURI FAMILY DAY. Every staff member has to perform something, be it acting, singing, dancing, etc. They are then honoured with certificates and mementoes.

Over the years, we have seen huge changes in the confidence levels of our fellow team mates, who have far better grasp over client communication,” he says.

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