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Meet Tangerine –the first bio jewellery brand in India



Meet Tangerine –the first bio jewellery brand in India

Tangerine is India’s first Bio Jewellery brand, created entirely from natural ingredients. Bio Jewellery is the design, conceptualization, and use of technology to elevate raw materials consisting of natural ingredients. Tangerine believes in honouring nature’s riches and all things eco-friendly. The natural components that they usually obtain from different regions of the nation are at the core of their jewellery manufacturing process.

The team makes green and organic jewellery using components such as seeds, spices, flowers, and fruits. By using these objects and cladding them in 24Kt gold, they have elevated the notion of bio jewellery to a new level by upcycling scrap material. The creation of green jewellery is a six-stage process that begins with ethical raw material procurement. The pieces are then sorted, sized, crafted, coated, and clad in 24Kt gold.

Tangerine combines two segments: design innovation and sustainability. The firm has taken it upon themselves to unleash the magnificent and one-of-a-kind gift that nature has to provide with a product that we love and connect with the most: jewellery.

Creating a bio jewellery company is a small step toward their greater goal of providing an eco-friendly alternative to jewellery. On this note, Shristi Ghunawat, Founder of Tangerine, said, “The insights and understanding that I received at different stages of working in the industry, made me conscious of the adverse impact of the industry on the environment. These impacts were not only limited to the colossal amount of metal and stone extraction, but also included the use of harmful chemicals, energy consumption and waste generation. With pandemic reinforcing sustainability and consumers becoming more aware, launching a brand like Tangerine, that promotes this conscious behaviour, felt right to me.”

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