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Khurana Jewellery House, FICCI partners to revive glory of Punjabi Phulkari art with fashion industry



Khurana Jewellery House, FICCI partners to revive glory of Punjabi Phulkari art

Khurana Jewellery House took up a unique initiative in association with FICCI FLO Amritsar for the revival of Phulkari through their FLOKARI project.

Phulkari, which is the flower craft of Punjab, is infused in the colours of warmth, joy and tells a tale of the timeless legacy of love, expression and creativity. With FLOKARI, Khurana Jewellery House and FICCI Flo Amritsar aim to bring about a renaissance of the art of Phulkari and generate livelihood opportunities for the rural women of Punjab, who for centuries have carried forward the skill of this beautiful craft through folklore.

To realize this aim, Khurana Jewellery House and FICCI Flo Amritsar collaborated with many big names in the fashion industry such as The Couture by KJH, a multi-designer fashion house in Amritsar, Farah Sanjana, Rachit Khanna and multiple home-grown fashion brands. The team curated pieces inspired from the weaves and patterns of Phulkari. These were adorned by eight women of Amritsar to bring out the pristine beauty of the craft and to empower them with the strength of the traditional values of Phulkari. Every piece was carefully crafted thread-by-thread, weaving the emotions and stories associated with its creativity.

Khurana Jewellery House created a series of artisanal brilliance with their skilfully crafted jewels, which were a confluence of love and togetherness. Profound designs infused with the brilliance of gold and embedded with gemstones were styled with various lush outfits in an attempt to match the powerful intricacy of the artform. Standing true to the meaning of Phulkari, floral motifs were inculcated in a gorgeous traditional pattern with utmost precision. The palette for the jewellery was inspired by the various colours involved in the neat thread-work of Phulkari.

FLOKARI was concluded with Manish Malhotra attending the event virtually and promising to bring out the revival of this art form through recognition and the inclusion of the heritage into haute couture.

Khurana Jewellery House

Speaking about the event, Prerna Khurana, Director Khurana Jewellery House, inferred, “It was heart-warming to see a modern conceptualisation of the art of Phulkari. We were thrilled to curate jewels that could depict the traditional values associated with it.”

Soumya Khurana, Director Khurana Jewellery House added, “Every thread in Phulkari has a story to tell, and we at Khurana’s were glad to be able to honour the time-old legacy through our jewels to carry forward this art-form.”

Drishti Khurana, Director Khurana Jewellery House denoted, “We at Khuranas crafted these jewels meticulously, representing the emotions associated with Phulkari, the beautiful art of Punjab.”

Written by Manoj Chakraborty

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