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The House of Rose unlocks 5th ‘C’ of understanding diamonds



The House of Rose unlocks 5th ‘C’ of understanding diamonds

Biren Vaidya is making precious jewellery promotion increasingly interesting and fun-filled through his ‘Master class by BeeVee’. The latest Instagram reel of this segment by The House of Rose featured creative director Vaidya, who spoke about the 5 C’s to be kept in mind before buying diamond jewellery. Indeed, there has been an insightful addition.

 Although every one of us knows that there are only 4 C’s, Mr Vaidya introduced a 5th C called ‘Concept’, an addition by The House of Rose. Speaking about it, Vaidya said, “The customers at The House of Rose have the possibility of coming to the store and meeting the design team to create a new concept altogether. The design depends on the kind of solitaires and the category chosen by the customer.”

According to Biren Vaidya, whenever a customer walks into the showroom, he sits with the client and discusses the client’s requirements to understand the categories on demand. “Be it solitaire pendants, rings or earrings, I note the customer’s thoughts to create a concept. Then, I take the customers through the whole journey of creating the concept of diamond jewellery,” said Vaidya.

The House of Rose

As a 40-year-old brand, The House of Rose has been creating design concepts in solitaires since its inception, but the jeweller is putting it out digitally through Instagram now, so that jewellery lovers get to know about it. The brand is getting a very good response from the customers for its design concepts and the aforementioned video has received 296 likes on Instagram within days of upload.

Written by Manoj Chakraborty

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