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RC Bafna Jewellers, R Narayan Jewellers entice followers with fashion label collaboration, intriguing social media posts




RC Bafna Jewellers and R Narayan Jewellers captivated their target audience across social media and physical retail with targeted collaboration with lifestyle brands and posts on cultural diversity

MUMBAI: As omnichannel becomes the staple for jewellery brands, one needs to make their presence felt online and offline. On that note, RC Bafna Jewellers and R Narayan Jewellers did their respective social media campaign and offline activities to excite customers.

Tosha Patel Chokshi, Creative Head of R Narayan Jewellers, conducted a two-day special preview of select luxury jewellery across December 28 and 29 at Monsoon Multi-Designer Store in Anand, Gujarat. Collaborating with a homegrown fashion label such as Monsoon helped the brand to leverage new customers both online and offline. 

The preview was on from 11 am to 7:30 pm, which had Chokshi guiding customers on their style statements and informing them about the versatility of the jewellery showcased in-store. This cross-collaboration became successful for both the brands and R Narayan Jewellers created multiple reels on Instagram to notify the audience about the display across the two days.

RC Bafna Jewellers, on the other hand, created multiple informative posts on social media about marriage ceremonies across communities in India. Named ‘Wedding Ritual’, the brand touched upon Maharashtra’s Antarpat, Bengal’s Baran Dala, Gujarat’s Juta Churai, North India’s Jaimala, Manipur’s Hejiapot, and Kashmir’s Muhar Tullan rituals briefly explained in the form of artful creative images. The entire exercise allowed the brand to inform its customers about the various cultures in India and subtly imply the diverse inventory of the brand in bridal jewellery. 


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