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Ratnalaya Jewellers start winter 2022 with a heart-warming charitable giveaway




There is a lot of celebration around the corner as the year is coming to an end. To celebrate the start of this wintry season, Ratnalaya Charitable Trust held a special charity giveaway called “Rahat”, an ongoing initiative for the rest of the season.

According to Mr. Saket Keshri, Director of Ratnalaya Jewellers and Ratnalaya Charitable Trust, “For every purchase made, the store donates a portion of the proceeds to a local charity that helps those in need. Thanks to our customers’ generosity, we can always raise a significant amount of money for charity and help make a difference in the lives of those who need it the most.”

The brand sponsors scholarships for 100 underprivileged students to complete their education every month. 0.25% of the total amount made from the sales in the previous month is donated towards this cause. In addition, the trust donated blankets, clothes, and food for the needy for this initiative. The clothes were donated by the customers who were willing to be a part of this drive. This helped the brand build a prestigious name in the market and among underprivileged citizens.

Mr. Keshri added, “The event was a great success and helped many people who couldn’t afford the extra warmth during the cold winter. We are looking forward to doing more such activities in the future to help the less privileged. Ratnalaya Jewellers would like to thank all our customers who participated in this initiative.”

Ratnalaya Jewellers believe that as a business, they receive so much from society and have to give back. Due to this belief, they started the Ratnalaya Charitable Trust and hope to continue serving the community in whichever way possible.



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