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Mahendra Jewellers creates golden Trishul studded with 157 natural diamonds, a first for the brand




The brand followed a complete process, starting with a rough sketch of the Trishul, which was then manufactured and certified, taking a total of 25 days

Mahendra Jewellers recently unveiled a unique ornament – a gold Trishul studded with about 157 natural diamonds and 13 rubies – that they created on the request of a new client. The Kolhapur-based brand, founded in 1907, has a legacy of over four generations and has been crafting traditional gold jewellery in versatile designs. In an exclusive interview with The Retail Jeweller India, Mehul Oswal, Managing Director, Mahendra Jewellers spoke about the latest creations.

What led to the creation of the Trishuls that your brand has recently designed?

The Trishul was created as per a client’s demand. They showed us some reference images of what type of Trishuls they wanted. We created it from scratch by developing a sketch, while also considering the size and dimensions of the ornament.

We gave them 2-3 options at first. What the client wanted was a golden Trishul but we felt that the auspicious ornament should have something more to it. So, we studded it with about 157 pieces of natural diamonds and 13 rubies. We created two such pieces for them.


Apart from consumer demand, what is the objective for crafting the two Trishuls?

While the customer’s demand was the main reason for creating these Trishuls in gold, we got creative and suggested that they should be more elaborate since these are divine symbols.

Was there a certain occasion for which the Trishuls were crafted?

Yes, there was a religious ceremony at a client’s home, and also at their temple, and they wanted their deity to have two beautiful golden Trishuls.

Apart from gold and diamonds, what other materials and gemstones have been used? What can you tell us about the craftsmanship of the pieces?

We started with a simple sketch of the Trishuls and then we added gold, rubies and natural diamonds to them. However, we were of the opinion that even if the client is not expecting such an elaborate piece, it is up to us to exercise our creativity and add something to it. We got in touch with the design team and specified what we wanted to create.

We made a few options for the client and then got the final approval from the customer. They ended up ordering two Trishuls instead of one. The starting point was the sketch, and then the CAD design. The manufacturing of the Trishuls to the certification and the HUID took 25 days. This involved CAD-CAM casting and handcrafted – a mix of both.

What does the creation of these unique Trishuls mean for your brand?

This was not done for publicity; as I said, it was a request that we fulfilled. We are glad that we got the opportunity to work on something that is considered so auspicious. And it was also important that our idea of turning a simple gold Trishul into a gold, diamond and ruby-studded ornament was approved by the client. The creation of these pieces gave us a lot of positive vibes.

Will your brand be creating more such ornaments and pieces as part of the product offering?

Yes, and we are also willing to customise these ornaments and pieces. This could be a Trishul, an idol or even the jewellery. At the same, we also received an order for crafting a crown which is something we are currently working on. I believe, this will be the USP of Mahendra Jewellers. We want the creation, designing and customisation of auspicious ornaments, idols and pieces to become our specialty, enabling our product offering to stand out.

Written by Aparna Bhowmick
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