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Mahabir Danwar Jewellers champions holistic wellness on World Yoga Day via early morning awareness drive 



Mahabir Danwar Jewellers champions holistic wellness on World Yoga Day via early morning awareness drive

The brand distributed Yoga pamphlets and packets of green tea among an audience of fitness enthusiasts across three days in the morning to sensitize the local population 

Kolkata: On World Yoga Day this year, Mahabir Danwar Jewellers opted for an initiative that boosted the brand’s visibility at a local level. Within the city, a team of the jewellery brand took to distributing Yoga pamphlets and packets of green tea to promote healthy practices among the local population. Over a span of three days, the team met nearly 2000 people while handing out the packets across a few leading jogging parks and grounds such as Victoria Park, Central Park, and others.

“In our fast-paced world, it’s easy to overlook the importance of wellness and mindfulness. To amplify the benefits of Yoga, we paired the benefit cards with green tea, known for its health advantages,” said Vijay Soni, Director, Mahabir Danwar Jewellers


The jewellery brand, which has customers from across the East region of India, promoted the initiative after its completion, informing its customers about the activity. The active participation of the team members and the branding on the packets helped create a scope for brand recall in the future.

Over the three days of the initiative, the team went to the parks each morning, engaging with joggers and fitness enthusiasts, and sharing not just the tea and Yoga cards, but also the philosophy behind them. By choosing the morning hours for the distribution activity, the brand could promote wellness among an audience of fitness enthusiasts who were already predisposed to a healthy lifestyle and could understand the benefits of Yoga better. 

“The response was overwhelmingly positive, with many expressing gratitude and showing interest in incorporating yoga into their daily routines. The green tea packets served as a gentle reminder to take a moment for oneself, to pause, and savour the simplicity and serenity that yoga brings,” added Soni. 

“This is a brand-building and brand awareness activity. It will help in generating sales to a certain extent, as such initiatives and drives are only one of the many ways that help draw more attention to the brand”, commented Soni. Through this initiative, the brand aimed to create a deeper understanding and appreciation for yoga, with the belief that small, consistent actions can lead to significant changes. By promoting these healthy habits, the jeweller aimed to inspire wellness and mindfulness in the community. 

This activity was a unique initiative for the brand, and it intends to continue similar activities going ahead. “As we look to the future, we will organise and lead initiatives that enhance health and well-being. We are grateful for the opportunity to make a positive impact and encourage everyone to take a step towards a healthier, more balanced life,” said Soni. 

Earlier this year, keen on promoting wellness initiatives, the brand arranged a ‘Twin Heart Meditation’ session. This session took place in the brand’s showroom and was exclusively designed for its employees, offering them an opportunity to experience and embrace the calming effects of meditation.   

Written by Aparna Bhowmick  

Retail Jeweller India Exclusive

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