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Kalasha Fine Jewels’ ‘The Unheard Stories of Jewellery’ generates interest in heritage craft



The campaign builds the brand’s position as a revivalist and garners the attention of jewellery aficionados who value traditional craft

Many of today’s jewellery designs are inspired by traditional heirloom pieces. These designs are then modified according to today’s trends and the customer’s needs. Kalasha Fine Jewels, a Hyderabad-based jewellery retail brand, has launched ‘The Unheard Stories of Jewellery’ campaign to educate people about jewellery pieces and iconic designs. It tells stories about heritage jewellery, heirloom jewellery and how they came into existence.

The brand takes great pride in its heritage jewellery pieces and aims to return to those designs. “Today, people know very little about our culture and its roots. We wanted to bring back our traditional pieces, so we started this informative campaign,” says Abhishek Chanda, Director of Kalasha Fine Jewels. He adds that prices of the brand’s heritage jewellery pieces start at Rs 8 lakh and go up to Rs 25 lakh. Designs determine prices, gemstones used and the level of craftsmanship required to forge the pieces.


It took a lot of hard work and research for the Kalasha Fine Jewels team to collect and weave all the stories together. “It all started in 2017 when we started designing jewellery inspired by the bygone era. We had already started discussing heritage jewellery designs, pieces and heirloom jewellery in our monthly newsletter, ‘Our Two Cents’. Intense research went in to gather information about the history of Indian jewellery and art movements across the globe. We referred to many books and read many texts related to the history of jewellery all over the world,” recalls Chanda.

The campaign tells people about heritage jewellery, how they originated, heirloom pieces of every State and stories related to them. “Kalasha Fine Jewels is aiming to reach a larger and wider audience, so we chose social media as a platform to market this campaign. Along with social media, you can also get the details on our website,” Chanda says, adding that the campaign is generating good responses from the audience.

With this campaign, Kalasha Fine Jewels is targeting brides who want traditional jewellery pieces with some history and many stories to tell. “We have clients who are fond of traditional jewellery designs and want the jewellery designs and the history to be passed on to the next generation,” Chanda says.

Written by Satyajit Dey

Retail Jeweller India Exclusive

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