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Jewellers yet to leverage the potential of digital marketing: Krishan Soni, Manik Chand & Sons Jewellers



Retail jewellery brands in local markets can benefit from a learning curve of process digitisation, says the Guwahati-based retailer, even as he reiterates the necessity of a streamlined logistics system

Guwahati: Single-store jewellery retailers are yet to leverage the mammoth potential of digital marketing, observes Krishan Soni, Director, Manik Chand & Sons Jewellers, Guwahati. His son, Mahatwa Soni, Director, Manik Chand & Sons Jewellers, believes that becoming a brand with a greater online presence can be highly advantageous for the business.

“Creating a technology-supported ecosystem from scratch does come with its own share of obstacles, but it makes a retailer self-reliant,” the junior Soni says, adding, “By going online, our brand can reach out to other States and cities across the country where we see a potential clientele. Later, we can also think of going international, since word spreads faster on social media. It is not just about selling online but also promoting the brand, observing the market and getting a better understanding of the industry.”

According to him, integration of digital platforms for procurement and sales can also prove to be a game-changer for a brand, ensuring that local jewellers not only remain competitive but also resilient in the face of an ever-evolving market. An increased online presence can also help the brand train store staff and sales representatives faster through online programmes and workshops, he observes.

Expanding a jewellery brand in the physical space can be a lot of effort but with social media, it can be tackled more easily, given the need for less manpower and fewer tangible resources, coupled with greater publicity and outreach, Mahatwa Soni says.

Meanwhile, as local jewellers in Tier II and Tier III cities navigate a spectrum of challenges, Krishan Soni points out that sub-standard logistic solutions are a very big challenge, and reiterates the necessity of a streamlined logistics system. “We are actively exploring innovative solutions to minimize delays, cut down risks, and optimize costs by going online. For online-first brands, who take to brick-and-mortar spaces later, the challenges may not be the same. But brick-and-mortar brands such as ours are always on the lookout for well-trained staff and better displays that cannot be arranged locally,” the senior Soni says.

Written by Aparna Bhowmick

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