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K. K. Jewels incentivises staff members, gifts new four-wheelers to long-serving employees 



K. K. Jewels incentivises staff members, gifts new four-wheelers to long-serving employees 

The brand recently gifted two new Hyundai i10 cars over and above the salary, incentive and other bonuses to two employees working with the company since 2007 

Ahmedabad: Many jewellery brands believe in giving out incentives and rewards to their hardworking and dedicated team members, valuing them and encouraging their efforts. K. K. Jewels did the same by organising a ceremony for its staff, selecting a handful of high-performing employees and rewarding them luxuriously.  

This programme not only brought to light the excellence of the employees and their services but also focused on the brand’s core values, be it trust among the employees or dedication to the customers. 

Kailash Kabra, Founder and Managing Director, K.K. Jewels, Ahmedabad, commented, “These programmes are much more than just giving out incentives. We have given five cars to some of our most loyal and long-serving staff members. They have been with us for the last 15 years. This was the main parameter for selecting the recipients.” 

The brand recently gifted two new Hyundai i10 cars, which is over and above the salary, incentive and other bonuses, to two employees working at the company since 2007. 


In the jewellery business, trust is one of the primary qualities that jewellery customers seek in a brand. In a trade where financial transactions in return for quality products are reliant on goodwill, customers choose brands that are known to be trustworthy. Word-of-mouth publicity plays an important role in such a case.  

“Everyone does sales, everyone does business. But in today’s time, loyalty is more important than skill,” said Kabra. Stressing the trust factor, he also mentioned that the brand’s 140-member team were all selected based on word-of-mouth recommendations and not through any unknown channels. “Our present staff members also recommend their friends and acquaintances to us, so that we can build a quality team where people can internally rely on one another,” he added. 

To make the ceremony even more special and add value to the moment, the jewellery brand invited its clients to present the car vouchers to the staff members. Kabra also highlighted how the brand incentivised its staff through a profit-sharing model designed for all employees – starting from the top management to the pantry staff. “The eligibility criterion is that the person must be working with us for a minimum of two years to get the benefit of the profit-sharing programme. Under this programme, we pay out an amount that is at least twice their monthly salary in the month of March. The maximum we have paid to an employee is 25 times their salary,” he said. 

K.K. Jewels’ staff recognition programme also highlighted an important aspect of employee welfare. Most of the employees who were recognised and rewarded were women, showing that traditional businesses employing women in their workforce worked in the interest of the customers, who are also mainly women. 

The jeweller chose not to highlight this programme on public platforms or on social media. “However, we had a workshop recently during which we mentioned our employee felicitation event and we had also done a small-scale promotion through our WhatsApp stories,” maintained Kabra. 

He also observed that while the brand was certainly looking out for its business, it was more inclined towards retaining good clients who had been with them for years. Hence, rewarding employees for their hard work was directly associated with the brand’s success.  

Written By Aparna Bhowmick

Retail Jeweller India Exclusive

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