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#Gemshine: Topaz finds firm footing in Gehna’s elaborate coloured gemstone offering



The Chennai-based boutique jewellery brand has a topaz range across all its verticals and is witnessing solid demand for the gemstone because of its versatility in colour and affordable pricing

Chennai: Topaz, the birthstone of November, is a favourite among retailers who have coloured gemstone jewellery as their forte. With a revolution in communication through social media, gone are the days when such gemstones would be valued from a purely astrological viewpoint. For the fashion-conscious jewellery enthusiast of today, topaz has a solid demand in the coloured gemstone jewellery space. Vineeth Samdaria, Director-Marketing & Operations, Gehna, a Chennai-based boutique jewellery brand, praises the versatility of topaz, as the brand has extensively worked on various product ranges with the gemstone.

“From light blue, dark blue, smoky brown to yellow, topaz has allowed our designers to pair it with other gemstones and diamonds. Also, blue topaz has been a great alternative stone for someone looking to wear blue instead of sapphires,” says Samdaria, adding that the brand has used topaz extensively in both gold and silver jewellery ranges.

In recent years, topaz has gained a lot of popularity as many celebs have been spotted wearing them. That creates scope for jewellers in bridal jewellery, and Gehna has several high-value bridal jewellery pieces and necklaces with topaz stones in its repertoire. “Due to its mellow and subtle shades with attractive price points, topaz has become the go-to stone for many. Our best-selling design in gold jewellery range consists of a blue topaz and aquamarine bracelet in 18K gold,” Samdaria adds, saying that the brand has a topaz collection across all categories as pretwear calls for budget-friendly and light ranges that will sync with other stones.

An abundance of availability and consistency in colour and shape have made topaz perfect for fine jewellery designs. “It’s a very price-effective stone which allows jewellers to pair it with other expensive stones such as diamonds and emeralds to enhance the colour of the jewellery piece,” concludes Samdaria.

Written by Ashwin Bose

Retail Jeweller India Exclusive

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