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Eritaaj ventures into lab-grown diamond jewellery for children with Eritaaj Kids 



Eritaaj ventures into lab-grown diamond jewellery for children with Eritaaj Kids

The customisable line features gold studs with lab-grown diamonds, starting at Rs 10k and ranging up to Rs 20k. Affordable silver pieces are priced between Rs 2500 and Rs 7500

Mumbai: Lab-grown jewellery brand, Eritaaj, has entered the children’s jewellery space with Eritaaj Kids jewellery line. This is a first for the Mumbai-based brand that now also serves young customers a range of affordable jewellery including nazariyas, pin-up buttons, pendants, earrings, studs and even charms bracelets.

“The market for kids’ jewellery as such is still growing. As far as lab-grown diamond jewellery for children is concerned, the market is even more niche. There is gold jewellery for children, but lab-grown diamond jewellery is still quite new,” said Divyam Shah, Co-founder of Eritaaj.

In addition to its designs, Eritaaj Kids jewellery offers a spectrum of pricing options to suit diverse preferences. The collection features gold studs with lab-grown diamonds starting at Rs 10k and ranging up to Rs 20k. For customers seeking affordable luxury, the silver pieces are priced between Rs 2,500 to Rs 7,500. Furthermore, customization options are available to tailor each piece, depending on the size of the diamond to be set on the jewellery.


Shah elaborated that the planning behind the lab-grown diamond jewellery collection stemmed from a keen awareness of children’s tendencies to misplace valuables during play. This insight prompted the brand to craft a collection specifically tailored for the young ones, ensuring both style and practicality. By offering a range of durable yet elegant pieces, the brand addressed such concerns, and this led to providing not just beautiful jewellery but also peace of mind.

For the customers of Eritaaj, lab-grown diamond jewellery being more cost-effective is a safer option when it comes to children’s jewellery. “The affordability factor along with the appeal of diamond jewellery is what has made LGDs and this collection quite popular among our growing base of customers. This is the reason why we have only the studs in gold, while the rest of the jewellery is available in silver that makes it even more cost-effective,” said Shah.

Considering that the customers buying from Eritaaj collection jewellery are parents of the children, the brand has also noted that the pin-up buttons that can be securely pinned to the child’s clothes are quite well-received alongside nazariyas, which are also less prone to be lost.

The brand operates from its store-cum-office in Opera House, Girgaon and receives clients on an appointment basis. The brand has been presenting their collections at exhibitions in Mumbai, Pune and Hyderabad, through which it receives orders for jewellery, while also retailing from its ecommerce website.

Around the same time when the brand introduced Eritaaj Kids on its social media platform, the collection was also presented at the Pinwheel Exhibition, an event where children outfits, jewellery, toys and more are showcased. 

The brand is co-founded by Divyam Shah and Darshi Shah, both of whom belong to families of diamond merchants. The brand was established in 2019, and currently retails earrings, rings, bracelets, pendants, and necklaces.

Written by Aparna Bhowmick 

Retail Jeweller India Exclusive 

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