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Rathod Jewellers partners with Red FM 93.5 to host Marathi Film Festival for regional film lovers 



Rathod Jewellers partners with Red FM 93.5 to screen Marathi Film Festival for regional film lovers

The jewellery brand sponsored the screening of classic Marathi films, thus getting the attention of a large audience base of film enthusiasts from the older generations while the younger generation enjoyed more recently released short films 

PUNE: Pune-based Rathod Jewellers recently sponsored a Marathi Film Festival in partnership with Red FM 93.5 in order to make the most of their connection with their customers. Through this partnership, the brand’s sponsorship of the event was aired on the radio channel during the two days of the film festival, offering the brand a wide scope for recall and extensive promotion.

Through this event, the jeweller and the radio channel celebrated the richness of the Marathi cinema, screening nostalgic classics starring popular Marathi film industry stalwarts. While these classics had a vast fan base from the older generation in the audience, the festival was also a platform for some recently released short films in the regional language, catching the eye of younger movie buffs. 

The idea started with a pitch from the radio channel to Sunita Rathod, Marketing Head, Rathod Jewellers, who got on board with the concept and received immense support in branding. The footfall of visitors at the festival was in line with the expectations of the brand, which aimed at hosting this brand engagement activity in a different way, instead of opting for mainstream marketing promotions. 

Elaborating on the extent of the promotions, Rathod said, “Our logo was present in all the digital promotions and on-ground branding as well. Since we were also the style partner of the Marathi Film Festival, we showcased our jewellery through the hosts who wore our jewellery.” 


Entry to the festival was free of cost for the audience, who only had to pre-register for the tickets to the movies they wanted to enjoy. This led to the jewellery customers of the brand, especially from the Maharastrian community, making calls to the store for further details and were guided through the process. 

During the regional film festival, Rathod Jewellers seized the opportunity to enhance its brand visibility. The intermission between movies featured an audio-visual presentation promoting the brand to engage the audience. Additionally, strategically placed standees outside the Rathod Jewellers showroom attracted the attention of the customers visiting the store before the event. 

As a family-run business deeply rooted in community values, the Rathod family was prominently involved in the event. Most family members attended and were honoured in a special felicitation ceremony on the festival’s opening day, highlighting their significant contributions to the local business landscape and cultural events. 

Many actors, directors and singers from some of the films attended this event. “We also invited well-known actors such as Urmilla Kothare and Pushkar Shrotri from the industry, who we felicitated. There was a talk show on the behind-the-scenes shots of the movies and what went into making them”, explained Rathod. 

Written by Aparna Bhowmick 

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