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Elderlies throng the store of Manohar Lal Jewellers (Defence Colony/Preet Vihar) for a unique age-related discount



The elderlies in every Indian family play a crucial role in selecting jewellery for newlyweds or brides-to-be. However, they take a backseat when it comes to self-purchase. They let the younger ones decide. Manohar Lal Jewellers (Defence Colony/Preet Vihar) took a crucial step to bring elderlies back into the excitement of buying jewellery for themselves with a unique sales proposition this year.

Completing 92 years this December, the brand celebrated its Founder’s Day from 15-25
December. A special offer of discounts was given to logically attract elderlies to walk in and buy jewellery for themselves. Discounts equal to half the age of the customer were applied on making charges of gold, diamond, polki, platinum, and silver jewellery. As a result, aged customers stood to benefit the most from this offer.

“We want more elderlies to come out of their houses and be an active part in the jewellery shopping experience. We see that most of the time, they stay indoors while younger members send them images of the jewellery they want to buy. We wanted to revive their interest in buying jewellery for themselves,” said Surbhi Shekhar, marketing manager, Manohar Lal Jewellers (Defence Colony/Preet Vihar).

Furthermore, the brand is giving tokens of appreciation with mementoes and other goodies to the oldest customer walking in. Such a nice gesture is part of the brand’s three-year-old strategy to target specific age groups of customers from time to time. “We have been getting phenomenal responses to this activity since the pandemic. We started off by targeting the youth ahead of Valentine’s Day and that worked out well for us. Our effort to make jewellery purchase exciting for all ages continues,” she maintained.


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