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Batukbhai Sons Jewellers garners footfalls at its store by hosting luxury gifts exhibition




Brand leverages growing awareness about luxury gifts among consumers accessing the Internet and social media to attract people to its showroom   

Of late, branded and luxury items have steadily come into the gifting consideration of customers across the country, and the city of Nagpur is no exception. Keeping this trend in mind, Batukbhai Sons Jewellers recently hosted the Luxury Collection Exhibition at the brand’s Dharampeth showroom in Nagpur, which ensured a lot of footfalls in the store not only during the event but also after it, as visitors could either choose to pick up the products immediately or after the exhibition.

The showcase featured some elite brands well-known for their branded souvenirs. The jeweller is not limiting this showcase to the exhibition, but housing these luxury brands along with its own silverware products in a dedicated space on the second floor of the Batukbhai Sons Jewellers’ showroom.


Naina Sheth, Creative Director, Batukbhai Sons Jewellers said, “Our association with some of these brands has lasted for over 15 years. So, with more collaborations and tie-ups with other new brands, we get to feature more labels in our showroom. There are gifting items across all price ranges and the three-day exhibition was quite the opportunity, just in time for the festive season.”

The gifting of branded items during special and festive occasions also has a lot to do with the growing awareness about luxury gifts among consumers accessing the Internet and social media.

The brand has observed that the market for luxury gifting has matured over the years, leading to an uptick in luxury purchases by consumers in Nagpur. As people buy new homes and aim for contemporary home décor themes, they not only seek out exclusive and quality pieces but also want to know what the product is made of and where it comes from. While this has worked well for the luxury market, it is also of benefit to the jewellery brand.

The brand’s advertising of the exhibition attracted plenty of footfalls to the store for the exhibition. This was achieved through direct calls and personal invitations to the top 500 regular customers as well as promoting the exhibition at some events and newspaper advertisements. In the process, visitors to the exhibition also viewed the brand’s jewellery at the store.

According to Sheth, the gifts can range anywhere from Rs 500 to something like a dinner set worth Rs 2.5 lakh or a branded showpiece that can be as much as Rs 9 lakh. For corporate gifting, the average price would be around Rs 1,500 per product. Luxury brands with their higher price brackets find their place where one-time purchases are made.

The jeweller said that the exhibition was a success because visitors could take a look at all the brands under one roof, and also view the jewellery at the store.

Written by Aparna Bhowmick

Retail Jeweller India Exclusive

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