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A vast outlook via inventory eases acquiring new customers



Our brand has always been known for providing their customers with a vast array of products. We have always enjoyed bringing variations to our product line and experimenting with new off-beat ranges. A lot of jewellers in our market are content with the type of products they sell and the particular category of customers they cater to, which leaves less scope for business growth and expansion.

Over 50 years ago, my grandfather, Late Jaichand Hirachand Sheth (Batukbhai), started the business humbly with basic gold jewellery such as gold rings, tops and chains. As we became a household name, we started catering to multiple categories of products. In those days, we disrupted the market by introducing variations of gold jewellery like Kundan, Kolkatta, Amritsari, Ahmedabad antique, South Chakri and much more. We were one among the first lot of jewellers in central India to sell polki Jadau jewellery, a variety majorly available in Rajasthan back then.

Every risk taken to provide customers with a newer variety resulted in a resounding response. Today, we sell all kinds of gold, platinum, diamond, silver jewellery, gemstones, premium corporate gifting products like Versace, Roberto Cavali, Rosenthal, Noritake and much more. It has expanded our customer base and increased our market share manifold.

It could only be possible because we always had broad horizons and because we focus on a wide spectrum of customers. We build our product inventory keeping in mind the different life-stages of a customer. While ensuring we don’t create dead inventory, we experiment with a certain percentage of our product to make it relevant for a wider age group from 16 to 60. There are times when we have even launched a specific line of collection dedicated to a particular profile of clients.

If a young girl visits us for the first time in her college days for a small purchase, she will gradually become comfortable buying her wedding jewellery from us. The same goes for a first-time client in her 40s to 60s, whose trust we earn so that she picks her children’s/grandchildren’s jewellery from us. There are times when we have even launched a specific line of collection dedicated to a particular profile of clients.

It’s been over 5 decades in us serving 3 generations of customers belonging to various backgrounds. This is what makes Batukbhai Sons Jewellers one of the most preferred family jewellers in central India, resulting in customers flying down from various parts of India just to shop with us for the trust, quality and variety that we have been providing. So, while planning the merchandise mix it is always advisable not to concentrate on a particular kind of clientele, as it helps in acquiring a mix of customers and growing the customer base much faster.

Courtesy: Retail Jeweller India News

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