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CaratLane’s Borla range reimagines ‘maangtika’, surges in-store try-ons



CaratLane's Borla range reimagines 'maangtika', surges in-store try-ons

Three-dimensional designs are always a marvel to watch. An outcome of CAD/CAM technology, 3D jewellery has enraptured the common fashionmonger. But CaratLane has infused tradition with this trendy technology that has unlocked a whole new set of clienteles for the brand. Such clients are in for the trend and love sporting traditional on one go.


We are talking of the Borla collection by CaratLane that was launched last week with a beautiful video walking through the creation of this radiating jewellery. The Instagram video shows the process of hand enamelling each jewellery, thus retaining the individuality above and beyond the 3D lure that accentuates the beauty of the wearer. Talking about the collection, Kinnari Shah, head of design, CaratLane said, “Each year, we bring out signature ranges focusing either on a story or a technique. For the first time, CaratLane has focused on maangtika, the Indian traditional jewellery, and refashioned it into bracelets, bangles, rings, etc.”


The idea is to bring back the excitement of wearing a maangtika for the modern woman, who gets to wear it in its original fashion very occasionally. There are about 25 unique designs having the signature Borla motif with a nice enamelling. The traditional Borla motif and its 3D appearance is retained in the collection, albeit across sizes and shapes.


With the collection just stepping into its second week of release, the number of organic shares on social media and increase in in-store try-ons have been staggeringly high for Borla, as opposed to other ranges by the brand. “The look and feel of the range are premium but at an affordable price. We are seeing a lot of curiosity, thanks to the visual appeal and awareness we brought in through video promotions. We have also created a lot of excitement online with contests involving Borla and I wish that this craze sustains for long,” concluded Shah.


Written by Shubham Dasgupta RJ Exclusive

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