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Zoya’s ‘Her Becoming’ reimagines white diamonds in Ikat-inspired geometrical jewellery



Launched by brand ambassador Sonam Kapoor, the collection features rare stone cuts like Cadillac, trapezoid and custom-cut baguette. It is part of the brand’s ongoing mission to women’s autonomy and create wearable and luxe pieces of art

Mumbai: Zoya from the House of Tata recently unveiled ‘Her Becoming’, a collection of rare jewels in white diamonds that translate the iconic geometry of ancient Ikat into wearable art. The collection was launched by Ajoy Chawla, CEO, Titan Jewellery Division and Zoya’s brand ambassador, Sonam Kapoor.

‘Her Becoming’ marks a creative milestone for the jewellery maison. Its aesthetic prowess is reflected in a medley of unexpected diamond shapes that set this collection apart; rare Cadillac, trapezoid, and custom-cut baguette diamonds are carved out from the rough with virtuosity, teasing out their fiery lustre and astonishing luminosity. Her Becoming presents chic interpretations of classic Indian styles reimagined with contemporary sophistication such as detachable elements.

“Her Becoming is a remarkably unique look for white diamond jewellery, not just in India but globally. As a proudly Indian brand, Zoya is happy to share this breakthrough collection, which is a testament to the country’s rich legacy of jewellery making and translates a traditional Indian inspiration into timeless designs with global appeal,” stated Ajoy Chawla.

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