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Shaya by CaratLane launches ‘Chitrakalay Kolkata’; pays homage to the city’s artistic landscapes




The silver jewellery range recreates the legacy of the city’s Kalighat Paintings. Depictions of mythology, folklore and social commentary find a place in the bold simplicity, earthy palette and bohemian designs in the collection

Kolkata: Bridging the gap between authenticity for silver jewels and a fresh, contemporary approach towards new-age design, Shaya by CaratLane launched ‘Chitrakalay Kolkata.’ Like the sub-brand’s other collections, ‘Chitrakalay Kolkata’ aka ‘Kolkata in paintings’ aims to reinvent silver jewellery, while rooting itself in the city’s rich cultural landscape.

Kolkata and its old-world charm acted as the primary muse for the conceptualization and design of the collection. With this collection, the wearer will be transported to Kolkata’s Kalighat paintings and traverse through its depiction of a wide range of subjects, including mythological stories, religious deities, folklore, social issues, and everyday life.

The collection brings to life artistic vision and deft kaarigari. Combined, the line is an endeavour to pay homage to and recreate the legacy of the painters of Kalighat. With Chitrakalay Kolkata, the paintings are brought to life on silver caricatures, hand painted with contrasting strokes of enamel. The earthy palette is a nod to the natural dyes used in the paint.


This collection has entered the market during Durga Puja, and its contemporary, classy and bohemian designs are poised to fit into the everyday woman’s festive accessory collection. For the collection launch campaign, Shaya collaborated with artists Joan Dominique Rai, Sneha Ghosh, Elina Banerjee and Sucharita Saha – each of whom share an affinity with Kolkata.

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