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Zoya introduces a line of fine jewellery designed for a woman’s personal celebration



Zoya introduces a line of fine jewellery designed for a woman’s personal celebration

Zoya, the exquisite diamond boutique from the House of Tata, introduces a line of fine jewellery designed for a woman’s personal celebration – a token for her love affair with herself. Every piece in Zoya’s gifting collection is imagined as a shining testament to her heroic journey through life, a powerful talisman that helps her spirit ceaselessly unfold, and applauds her as she embraces her essence and all that makes her unique.  From finely cut amethyst earrings set in rose gold to brilliant solitaires in solid platinum, Zoya’s gifting collection showcases an array of rare jewellery that is designed with artistry to become a handcrafted ode to facets of her journey.  Each creation is imagined as a beautiful souvenir, a testament one that is worthy of representing the vast canvas of her emotions and love; a treasure that commemorates her special moments or simply celebrates the feeling of being alive as she falls in love with herself all over again. 

Discover the world of ZOYA, where expert craftsmanship immortalises artful designs in rare jewellery.


Celebrating Balance

Zoya infuses its artistic pieces with qualities of precious stones to add meaning to its creations. The calming aura of impeccably cut amethysts in rose gold reflect the mood of its muse. They mirror the balance she exudes in her physicality as much as in her attitude. An expression of equanimity, they remind her to dissolve all traces of negativity, and help set her free.


Celebrating Strength

Zoya’s muse is a tower of strength, much like the structure that inspires this iconic piece from the luxury atelier. Bold, fearless and unstoppable, her Eiffel bracelet from Zoya becomes a symbolic reminder that even though she may be challenged or tested, she is invincible. Shimmering tanzanites at the edge of a golden lattice design, glow in hues of limitless and infinite blue. Giving new form to her most cherished desires, she breaks the mould and yet remains spellbindingly unchanged.


This unique lariat narrates a story of a journey of self-exploration of its muse. She is every woman – unconventional and beautiful, powerful and submissive, unpredictable and compassionate and Zoya celebrates her every facet. An impeccably crafted and cut citrine, is juxtaposed with diamonds and placed on a fluid lariat, a lyrical ode to the whimsies of a woman.

Courtesy: Forbes India

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