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With Kitchen Premier League, Ratnalaya Jewellers effectively engages its target audience



The initiative was aimed at boosting brand awareness, visibility and engagement among potential customers in Patna

Ratnalaya Jewellers recently collaborated with Red FM to launch an initiative called ‘The Kitchen Premier League’ to increase brand awareness, visibility and engagement among potential customers in Patna. The thought process behind it was to reach out to potential customers by sponsoring an event that was likely to attract a large audience. The event team visited eight societies in Patna, which had an average footfall of 300-400 people (100 to 150 flats) with more than 35% to 40% participation rate in activities within those societies individually. The event started on April 22, 2023 and continued for the next 10 days.

Commenting on the initiative, Saket Keshri, Director (Operations), Ratnalaya Jewellers, says, “The cooking competition would start at around 7 pm each evening and the participants would get two hours to prepare a dish of their choice. A team of judges accompanying our event team would taste the food and select a winner for each society. On the 10th day, we held a grand finale in which winners from the eight different societies competed, and a final winner was announced at the end of the competition.”


Ratnalaya Jewellers set up exclusive counters displaying silver jewellery at these societies and offered a 10% discount on spot purchases of silver ornaments and coupon vouchers of Rs 500 to be redeemed for in-store purchases. Additionally, they had a spin-the-wheel game, which rewarded participants with a silver coin on the spot. They also gifted silver coins to winners of the activities in the Kitchen Premier League and other contests. The Kitchen Premier League was promoted through various platforms such as social media, local newspapers and word of mouth. The promotion reached a wide audience and generated excitement and anticipation for the event. The number of customers who participated in the cooking contest and other contests was over 500, and the overall response was positive, generating buzz for the brand.

The event targeted a specific audience for the brand, and attracted a large number of people to its exclusive counter. Overall, it contributed to building a positive brand image for Ratnalaya Jewellers in the market, besides helping it attract and retain customers. It also helped to establish Ratnalaya Jewellers as a brand that is committed to engaging with its customers and providing quality products.

The event was a great success and Ratnalaya Jewellers was able to engage existing customers, acquire new ones and increase store visits. “If your customers have trouble reaching out to you, you turn the tables and reach out to them at their convenience, as we did with Kitchen Premier League,” stated Saket Keshri, summing up the outcome of the event.

(Written by Manoj Chakraborty)

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