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Atarashi Minimalistic Jewellery sells 80% of Farah Khan’s Atelier collection at launch event



Atarashi Minimalistic Jewellery sells 80% of Farah Khan’s Atelier collection at launch event

Atarashi Minimalistic Jewellery collaborated with Farah Khan, who was at the event to personally meet clients and show them the new collection

Atarashi Minimalistic Jewellery, a brand by KK Jewels in association with Vrinda Agarwal and Aayushi Shah, collaborated with Farah Khan’s Atelier collection. The brand was inspired by the collection and met Khan personally to have it displayed at their store. The store held a launch event where they invited a hundred clients to showcase the new collection. Khan personally arrived with her team to meet the clients and show them all the jewellery herself. The launch was a huge success with 80% of its stock getting sold out on the spot.

Kailash Kabra, Founder & Managing Director, KK Jewels, Farah Khan, Aayushi Shah and Vrinda Agrawal, Co-founders and Managing Partners, Atarashi Minimalistic Jewellery.

“Farah Khan Fine Jewellery has a great strategy and story behind it. All of their jewellery is different in terms of designs and the usage of colours. Farah Khan has travelled to a lot of cities and countries and she has taken inspiration from local places to create a new collection. Since we are always keen on giving new products and experiences to our clients, we decided to collaborate with her,” say Vrinda Agarwal and Aayushi Shah, co-founders and Managing Partners of Atarashi Minimalistic Jewellery.

Vrinda Agarwal and Aayushi Shah are into the business of fashion and designing. KK Jewels collaborated with them to create a new prêt line jewellery store that is dedicated towards displaying lightweight, daily wearable jewellery in coloured stones, uncut diamonds and diamonds. The brand is focused on understanding what new things they could offer to their clients and wants to collaborate with different designers who can provide them with collections that are different from the brand’s current stock. The jewellery displayed at Atarashi Minimalistic Jewellery is very different from the bridal collections that are displayed at KK Jewels.

Written by Janhavi Ganguly


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