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Punjabi Saraf Jewellers’ digital campaign launches Arista collection, personifies the evolving lifestyle of women



The campaign for the brand’s 9-to-5 jewellery collection projects jewellery as a power statement, not just adornment for women

Punjabi Saraf Jewellers, a prominent jewellery retailer from Indore, recently launched ‘Arista’, a jewellery collection dedicated to women who manage both their professional and personal lives with aplomb. With it, the brand urges women to make a statement reflecting their responsibilities at work and home, and how they are empowered to fulfill them.

To promote Arista, Punjabi Saraf Jewellers has launched a campaign that states ‘The 9-to-5 collection is carefully tailored to embrace your inner boss babe’ and encourages women to walk in confident strides every time they go to work. The campaign urges women to make a statement in the boardroom and beyond, even as it recognizes the 24/7 responsibility of office-goers who manage their homes. The brand intends the collection to reflect the strength, ambition and growth of power women.

Sumeet Anand, Founder, Punjabi Saraf Jewellers, says, “As a 70+ year-old-brand, we have seen the role of jewellery evolve in the lives of women. It plays a dominant role in reflecting the responsibilities of women today, who manage their 9-to-5 along with their 24/7. It was integral for us to showcase that and what better than a collection dedicated to these empowered women to honour them. Hence, we came up with this campaign.”


The name Arista has a profound meaning. Arista means ‘harvest’ in Latin and ‘the best’ in Greek. Anand says, “There are deep insights behind choosing the name Arista for our collection. It signifies how women are excelling at their roles on every front. Our campaign is a reflection of all the women we have grown up with, understood and held close to us. Arista means ‘the best’ in Greek,” talking about the significance of the name ‘Arista.

The Arista collection comprises a wide range of rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces that can be worn as everyday jewellery pieces. The jewellery pieces start at the price point of Rs 20,000 and go up to Rs 2,50,000.


Punjabi Saraf Jewellers has been running the Arista 9-to-5 campaign for the last two months. To reach out to a larger audience, the brand preferred social media platforms to promote the campaign. Regular posts on their Instagram page have evoked good response for the campaign.

Curiosity generated on social media about the Arista collection has increased customer footfalls for Punjabi Saraf Jewellers, says Anand.  “The Arista collection pieces are bought by people as gifts for their loved ones. Apart from that, women from different walks of life are significant customers for the collection. It is something beyond the typical jewellery that a customer buys. So far, the response has been excellent and we are extremely proud.”

On future plans for Arista, Anand says, “We will continue with the campaign for another month and then launch an exclusive bridal collection. Do stay tuned for the Original Brides of Punjabi Saraf!”

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