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PNG Jewellers’ Painjan Mahotsav reinvents the traditional ornament as a modern accessory



The brand’s Instagram post promoted Painjans as ‘beach wear to party wear’, and aimed to engage women of all ages and backgrounds for the festival

In continuation of its Mahotsav series, PNG Jewellers recently held the ‘Painjan Mahotsav’, a jewellery festival featuring a wide range of anklets starting from traditional designs to sleek and modern anklets. Painjan is a traditional accessory, but the brand’s Instagram post promoted it as ‘beach wear to party wear’ while publicising the festival.

On evolving the Painjan into a modern accessory, Dr Saurabh Gadgil, Chairman and Managing Director, PNG Jewellers, says, “Today’s audiences want a touch of tradition steeped in modern trends. A stylish Painjan can be worn at the beach as well as at a party. What one must do is accessorize it right and it will fit into any look. We have created a strong balance between the traditional and modern in this year’s collection.”


Painjans are a big category in silver jewellery, and sell throughout the year, but during the Painjan Mahotsav, this category sees a jump of 3X in sales compared to a regular month, says Gadgil. “A lot of customers wait for the Mahotsav to make their purchases. Most customers buy more than one Painjan when they visit the Mahotsav,” he observes.

At the Mahotsav, Painjans were adorned and embellished with different motifs, enamel, meena work, to create a formal range and a sporty range too. According to Gadgil, all women – from teenage girls who prefer modern, sleek and sporty anklets to the older generation who love their traditional Painjans – form the target clientele for the Painjan festival. The price range for the Painjans ranged from Rs 1,000 to Rs 10,000, with attractive offers at PNG as well as at the company’s silver brand, Silvostyle.


PNG Jewellers has been hosting Mahotsavs for the last 20 years, believing they create an opportunity for retailers to bring the spotlight on one particular category and encourage customers to make unplanned purchases. Commenting on the strategic insight behind the Painjan Mahotsav, Gadgil says, “Mahotsavs create opportunities to engage with customers and help us get footfalls in non-festival months. That is why we held the Painjan Mahotsav.”

On how the tagline for the Painjan Mahotsav – ‘Sound of You Going Places’ – is intended to resonate with customers, Gadgil says,“Painjans always come with a very peculiar sound. Whether one is dancing or just walking, the Painjan indicates movement and will always ring out a lovely sound. The ‘Sound of You Going Places’ line reflects the ideology that women at different places in their lives and careers are embracing the Painjan all over again, be it traditional or contemporary. It has become an integral part of a woman’s wardrobe and our campaign is a salute to women who are going places.”

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