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Vipul Kothari, famous for being a top jeweller, raises the bar for other budding talents in the industry



The young jewellery entrepreneur exudes pure passion, dedication and devotion in making some of the finest jewellery pieces and offering uncut diamonds in the industry.

It is so astounding to know and learn about all those people and professionals who go all out in order to dive deep into the sectors they choose to be in. These individuals make sure to give it their all, for they wish to create a unique path of growth and success for themselves and, for that, spare no effort in getting closer to their dreams and aspirations in life. It is also very interesting to notice here how most of these professionals have been youngsters who have shown what it really takes to become one’s best version and how one can go ahead in reaching the top of any industry. Vipul Kothari did the same in the jewellery business across India.

Vipul Kothari stands tall and unique as a one-of-a-kind jewellery entrepreneur based in Bikaner, Rajasthan, India, but one who has now become a talking point for many in the industry across the nation for all the right reasons. Focusing on creating the most exceptional jewellery pieces with the highest quality standards has what helped Vipul Kothari and his business to consistently thrive in the industry, which otherwise is filled with too many established names. Offering people some of the finest jewels like rose-gold Kundans, cocktail rings, gold, silver coins and bridal jewellery sets, pendants, multi-layer necklaces and much more, he showcases pure excellence at jewellery making, manufacturing and selling. Especially his Kundan jewellery and uncut diamonds have helped him make a distinctive name of his in the jewellery markets in India.

Through all these years, Vipul Kothari has immersed himself in the art of jewellery making, specializing in offering uncut diamonds, which has what boosted his confidence to be and do the best in the industry. Currently, the top jeweller and his team are planning to go global with their ideas and visions in jewellery making and want to serve a larger target demographic in the coming years to expand their presence worldwide.

Courtesy: Free Press Journal

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