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Treating the customer as king



Customised a special diamond ring for the client

Around January, one of our old clients came down to the store. The client had recently gone to Dubai and saw a beautiful diamond watch. So, when he came home, he immediately paid a visit to several jewellery stores in India but no one was able to fulfil his demand. Sunder Jewellers is known for jewellery customization, so the customer paid a visit to us and enquired whether we would be able to do it or not. So, it was a bit challenging for us to customize a diamond watch, however, we took it as a challenge and completed the task in three weeks. We had also made a customized gold strap using 18K gold for an Apple watch for the customer. The customer got very happy to see the final output.

Mehul Khurana, Managing Partner, Sunder Emporium, Chandigarh

Never compromised with quality

One day a new customer visited the store to buy gold jewellery. After finalizing the gold bangle, the customer informed the staff members that he wants to check whether the jewellery is hallmarked or not. Although we were dealing in hallmarked jewellery for the last decade, the customer was slightly hesitant as he was a new customer. After we agreed, the customer opened the official mobile application of BIS and after checking for some time, he got convinced that it was genuine hallmarked jewellery. During the conversation, the customer informed us that he lives in Ahmedabad and came to the city to visit his relatives. He also bought more gold items related to weddings such as necklaces, rings, earrings, etc.

Avijit Goel, Owner, Gondilal Kiva Gold and Diamond Jewellery, Banda

Used the power of digital media to serve an NRI client

After covid, we made it a habit to share our latest collections and designs to the customer through Whatsapp. So, one day after sharing the design of a new diamond bracelet through Whatsapp, we received a message from a new customer asking us to call back. Upon checking, we found out that it was a US based number. When we called on that number, the person on the other side of the call informed us that he liked the diamond bracelet and wants it to buy it for her mother from Mumbai. We took the order and after a few days delivered it to her mother in Mumbai.

Pintu Agarwala, Owner, Panna Diamond World, Kolkata

Digital promotion has surprising popularity from abroad

We have been regularly posting our latest designs on various social media handles. In January, a young female customer from the US came to the store, telling us that she has been following our Instagram posts since long and has acute knowledge about our designs. She even told us features about certain pieces and their consumer engagement from memory. Certainly impressed, she told us that she wants to buy a solitaire ring for her daughter’s engagement. She instantly finalized a 4-carat diamond ring.

Nikhil Desai, Director, Charu Jewels, Surat

Customer satisfaction is more profitable than instant profit

One day, an old customer came to us with a kundan polki earring which he had bought from us about 3-4 months ago. He informed the staff that one of the pieces requires some repair work. The staff sent that piece for repair, but the customer saw was not satisfied with the outcome of the repair. The store manager was being called who, after evaluating the situation, decided to replace the jewellery with an almost identical item to the satisfaction of the customer. Although the replaced item was slightly more expensive, we chose to satisfy the customer.

Sanjay Kalsi, Founder and MD, JD Solitaire, New Delhi

Provide the customer service a buyer is comfortable with

Years ago, two ladies visited the store for wedding jewellery. A salesperson had shown 4-5 necklace sets to them. However, they left. After a few days, both of them returned and enquired about the pieces shown to them before. A staff member started showing jewellery to them, but we realized that the customer was not very comfortable. We immediately replaced the staff with a female member. The decision paid off for us as the ladies finalized jewellery of around Rs 1-1.5 crores. The same female staff has been serving the customer ever since.

Priyesh Nagar,Partner, Jewellers Madanlal Chhaganlal, Indore

Convinced the customer after a marathon effort

Last month, an old customer visited the store and selected a diamond and ruby pendant for the muhurat of a family wedding. However, the jewellery piece was recently received and the lab certification was pending, for which we couldn’t sell it. But, the muhurat date was nearby and it was decided that the client will take the pendant and would return it to us for certification after the occasion gets over. However, a few issues cropped up in the certification process, the delivery got delayed, and the customer was almost about to return it, but I convinced them by explaining the entire process of certification. The deal went through successfully.

Mehul Oswal, MD, Mahendra Jewellers, Kolhapur.

Courtesy: Retail Jeweller India News

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