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Melorra grabs attention of 9-5 jewellery lovers with Designer Speaks campaign



Designer Speaks by Melorra

Jewellery being the most expensive product of any fashion accessory, should be given first and foremost attention in terms of purchase. To make purchasing decision easier, Melorra, an online-dominant fine jewellery brand, has been pulling the right plugs with their Designer Speaks campaign on Instagram.

Their latest campaign video is about their Contemporary Edge Collection, featuring designer Priyansha, who guides viewers along the design language of her collection. Highlighting on the modern black dress, she talks about how her asymmetrical diamond jewellery collection goes along for gala get-togethers and influencers equally well. This is one of the many videos the brand has been regularly promoting on social media since last year. What catches an onlooker’s attention is how everyday jewellery is shown a part and parcel of the overall personality of the consumer and not necessarily an isolated item of luxury.

Sharat Krishnan, Melorra

Harping on this communication strategy, Sharat Krishnan, Head of Marketing, Melorra, said, “As a brand, we believe that jewellery is a fashion accessory and needs to be synced with apparel and attire. People in fashion circles are conscious about clothes and accessories, but not necessarily jewellery. We visualize and spread the message of jewellery as an instrinsic fashion element in the complete look of the customer.”

There are two angles where Melorra’s social media campaigns stand out. A lightweight jewellery brand, Melorra associates jewellery pieces with light-hearted occasions, gatherings and situations one usually finds oneself in daily. Thus, they don’t root for heirloom pieces and monumental campaigns. Keeping their promotional angle pretty simple, they focus on the woman who wears jewellery, and not the other way round.

Another angle is their campaign approach towards storytelling. This approach had prompted the online-dominant brand, which has stores in Delhi, Bengaluru and Bhopal, to lure social media users with the back story of each jewellery collection. “We had started this approach since the onset of pandemic in 2020, when we decided to regularize ‘Designer Speaks’. This has helped customers engage with us more closely,” said Krishnan.

Written by Shubham Dasgupta

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